Quest of Destiny™

Finding your Destiny

We welcome you to Quest of Destiny™ (QoD™), the medieval fantasy tabletop role playing game. QoD seeks to meld the spirit of fantasy adventure with the most pleasing aspects of other classical tabletop systems and combine them with a refreshingly in-depth, accurate, and versatile set of rules that define exactly how magic, sword, and social dynamics would function in a world bursting with limitless possibilities. The game is now and forever free to play, with all of the rules necessary to enjoy it presented here in the Grimoire. Currently in its Beta Stage of development, we need your feedback to help us shape the future of the game. As we continue to revise our current content and develop new Classes, Monsters, and Features, we welcome your suggestions, criticism, and comments and hope that together we can build a community of enthusiastic fantasy roleplayers. So read on, heroes, and discover what Destiny awaits you!

Table of Contents
Products coming soon:
  • The Wrath of Cydeth: A Quest of Destiny Adventure
  • Quest of Destiny Living Character Sheet™