Social Encounters

"I'm sure we can all be friends here. There is no reason that we have to fight with each other when there is a far more lucrative opportunity awaiting us..."
——Lord Feld

Not all problems are solved with combat or skill, some are solved with words. A Social Encounter occurs any time a player wants to change an NPC's behavior through social interaction. This is different from normal roleplay because the player has a specific goal in mind. During the social encounter, players Roleplay and make Skill Checks using their Social Skills in order to complete their objective.

Social Objectives

During a Social Encounter, a player can attempt to achieve one or more of the following objectives.

Influence: Influence allows you to change an NPC's attitude towards you. Successfully influencing an NPC creates a minor Social Events which changes the NPC's Disposition towards you.
Convince: Convincing an NPC causes them to perform an action or act in a particular way. You can use Convince to get an NPC to make a deal, do you a favor, divulge secret information, or change their mind about an idea or person.
Debate: A Debate occurs when you and an opponent are both trying to convince a third party of conflicting ideas or courses of action. Debate often occurs in royal court, where disputes are argued by both sides before a judge.