ToleranceWisdom & Charisma
Social Skill [Defensive]
"I've known that halfling for a VERY long time. Yes, he's a bit abrasive. Yes, he's greedy. Yes, he is overly sarcastic. But you know what? He's"
——--Banrio Lightstep, Elven Warrior

Tolerance represents the ability to give leeway to others and that someone is difficult to anger. Tolerant people are less likely to be taunted, and therefore it serves as a defense against Manipulation and prevents increases in the Hate Disposition. Tolerate people also tend to have faith in others, allowing it to serve as a substitute for Intuition and are less likely to be controlled by Fear, allowing it to substitute for Bravery.

Common Uses of the Tolerance Skill
Powers that Use Tolerance
Feats that Use Tolerance
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