Ranged Weapons

NameRankSpd.Rld.Prec.Dmg. DiceDmg. Mult.ArN
Base Crit. Chance
Crit. Dmg. per Phys Rank
PropertiesRng.Sub-GroupDmg. TypeCostWt.Rarity
Throwing Knife26021d4105%3Light Thrown30DaggerP3 sp0.5 lbCommon
Shuriken36031d41010%3Light Thrown40-P6 sp0.25 lbRare
Dart16021d4105%2Light Thrown15DartP17 cp0.25 lbCommon
Hand Crossbow16121d61210%3Semi-Aquatic50CrossbowP60 gp3 lbUncommon
Sling17021d61210%2-50SlingB2 sp1 lbCommon
Light Crossbow17221d81.5315%3Semi-Aquatic225CrossbowP18 gp7 lbCommon
Heavy Crossbow28221d121.5615%4Semi-Aquatic275CrossbowP40 gp10 lbUncommon
Repeating Light Crossbow271021d81.5315%3Multi-Shot(5), Semi-Aquatic150CrossbowP135 gp9 lbRare
Shortbow27031d6125%2-200BowP50 sp2 lbCommon
Longbow38031d81.525%2-250BowP90 sp3 lbCommon
Repeating Heavy Crossbow381021d101.5615%4Multi-Shot(5), Semi-Aquatic200CrossbowP200 gp13 lbRare
Composite Longbow48031d8225%2Strongbow275BowP30 gp4 lbUncommon
Composite Shortbow47031d61.525%2Strongbow225BowP21 gp3 lbUncommon
Greatbow49031d12235%2-300BowP42 gp6 lbUncommon
Bolas37031d6105%2Heavy Thrown, Restraint, Subdual30-B, R13 sp2 lbCommon
Lasso37031d6105%2Light Thrown, Restraint, Subdual25-R12 sp2 lbCommon
Net38031d8105%2Heavy Thrown, Restraint, Semi-Aquatic, Subdual10-R62 sp12 lbCommon
Javelin17021d8115%2Heavy Thrown, Semi-Aquatic40-P3 sp2 lbCommon

Ranged Weapon Features

The following describes the different features of melee weapons and how they can affect your character.

Weapon Speed

Weapon Speed reflects the amount of time it takes to attack and recoil from strikes with a particular weapon (when compared with other weapons) and determines the Recovery Time of your Weapon Attacks. Generally speaking, smaller weapons are faster and larger weapons are slower. You can look up the Weapon Speed of your weapon on the Melee Weapons and Range Weapons tables.

Weapon Reload

Present only on certain projectile weapons (particularly Crossbows), Reload represents the amount of time it takes to reload a new projectile into the weapon. After the shot (or shots if using a Multi-Shot Weapon) have been fired, a new shot (or shots) must be loaded into the weapon before another attack can be made. Many projectile weapons have a reload time of 0 because the time it takes to reload the weapon is negligible.


Weapon Precision is a flat bonus added to a characters Weapon Attack that represents the weapon's accuracy.

Weapon Damage

Weapon Damage consists of a die roll and a flat damage bonus. The size of the die roll is determined by the weapon's Damage Dice, with the number of dice rolled determined by the Power utilized to make the attack and the Rank of the creature.

The flat damage consists of either the Strength Power (StrP) or Dexterity Power (DexP), adjusted by the weapon's Damage Multiplier. Just as with Weapon Attack Bonuses, Melee Weapon Damage utilizes Strength Power and Ranged Weapon Damage utilizes Dexterity Power (except for weapons with the Heavy Thrown property, which use Strength Power). Any miscellaneous bonuses are also adjusted by the damage multiplier. Calculate the Weapon Damage Bonus for each weapon using the following equation:

Melee Weapon Damage Bonus = [StrP + Miscellaneous Bonuses] x Weapon Damage Multiplier
Ranged Weapon Damage Bonus = [DexP (StrP for Heavy Thrown weapons) + Miscellaneous Bonuses] x Weapon Damage Multiplier

Armor Negation

Armor Negation (ArN) is a property of weapons and determines the weapon's ability to overcome the protection of armor. Whenever you roll a weapon attack against AC and the result is a Glancing Hit, add the weapon's Armor Negation to the attack roll for purposes of determining a Full Hit. Armor Negation does not adjust the attack roll for a Missed attack. You can look up your weapon's Armor Negation on the Melee Weapons and Range Weapons tables.

Critical Strike

You land a lucky or precise blow, and hit a target in a vulnerable location. This is called a Critical Strike. Whenever you hit with a Weapon Attack, you roll a percentile (also known as a d100) to determine whether or not the hit was a Critical Strike. If your roll is less than or equal to your Critical Strike Chance, you deal additional damage on the attack equal to your Critical Strike Damage. You can calculate your Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage as follows. You can look up the Base Critical Chance and Crit Damage per Rank for your weapon on the Melee Weapon and Range Weapon tables.

Critical Strike Chance = Base Critical Chance + Physical Rank
Critical Strike Damage = Critical Damage per Rank x Physical Rank

Weapon Properties

Weapons can have a variety of special Properties that can affect how they are used and wielded in combat.

Weapon Range

Weapon Range determines the distance at which a ranged weapon may be used effectively. Each Ranged Weapon (and some Melee Weapons that can be Thrown), has a range increment indicated on the Range Weapons table.

  • Targets within this range suffer no penalties to the attack.
  • Targets within double the range, attack is made with one Disadvantage.
  • Targets within triple the range, attack is made with two Disadvantages.
  • Targets beyond triple the range of your weapon cannot be effectively targeted (except through the use of special powers and abilities).

Damage Type

Weapons deal one (or two) of four Weapon Damage types: Bludgeoning (B), Chopping (C), Piercing (P), or Slashing (S).

Weapons of Unusual Size

The listed weapons are sized for medium and small creatures. See Weapon Sizes for how weapons of different sizes work.