Half-Sorcerer Class Traits
Exp Rating: 1.5
Base Hitpoints: CHA/3
Level Hitpoints: 2 per level
Primary Attributes: Charima, Wisdom
Stamina: 0
Resolve: 2
Primary Class Philosophy: Eldritch Philosophy
Philosophy Training:
  • Gain Eldritch Rank 1, if you have no ranks in Eldritch.
  • Gain 1 rank to spend in Eldritch, Physical, or Mental
Skills Training
Class Favored Skills:
Starting Skill Points:
  • 16 points to be spent in your chosen Class Skills. These points cannot be used to raise a skill above Rank 3.
Weapon & Armor Proficiencies
Weapon Proficiency: All Rank 1 Weapons.
Armor Proficiency: None.
Shield Proficiency: None.
"You were warned of my strength, yet still you persist. You may as well lay down your weapons now, for you have awakened the great tide within me; soon it will wash over you, stripping the flesh from your bones."
——Laz Rosaka, Master of the Acid Winds

Eldritch Power Born of Blood

A sorcerer is a student of the magical arts not necessarily by choice, but as the gift (or curse) of being born. Whether their power is inherited from distant magically inclined ancestors, or their blood is infused with the essence of Eldritch power all on its own does not matter to a Sorcerer. They have a gift for bending reality, and most prefer to pursue their talents. Sorcerers control Eldritch forces with their willpower alone, shaping the elements of the universe to their whims. Most care not for the consequences, always seeking greater power and understanding from within.


A great many Sorcerers choose the adventuring life, for the nature of their power makes fitting in with more traditional cultures a bit of a bother. Besides, most sorcerers believe (probably due to an earlier life of prejudice and fear at the hands of their own race) that one can only grow through conflict. Sorcerers work well with most groups, providing a deep well of magical power to dispatch foes with, provided said group can tolerate the Sorcerer's usually aggressive and somewhat eccentric personalities.

In some cases, Sorcerers and Wizards do not get along terribly well. Many Wizards turn their noses up at Sorcerers, condemning their unpracticed hand and lack of sophistication, while Sorcerers in turn claim Wizards are jealous of not being born with a natural talent for such things. Perhaps it is not such a bad thing for the two to have a dislike of each other, for if a powerful Sorcerer and Wizard were to form a strong alliance, the devastation they would be capable of unleashing would most likely prove to be too great a threat for most to handle.

History and Culture

Sorcerers are a relatively new breed of being, emerging within the past 500 years or so. Many suspect that it was the mortal mastery of magic that caused such things to happen; the over-saturation of the Eldritch Arts, items, and magical beings brought into the world possibly being responsible for the changes in the mortal races.

Sorcerers have little culture of their own, save where they grew up and where they currently live. In many cases, budding Sorcerers are shunned in their youth, their strange connection to Eldritch magic labeling them as monsters to the ignorant. Some Sorcerers attempt to adapt to their environment, but others go their own way, seeing no reason to conform to the views of others if they are not to be accepted themselves.


Sorcerers can be of any alignment, although most tend to lean towards a chaotic nature, as the natural bend of their powers and their development pushes them to such a fate.

Goodly Sorcerers try to seek out a reason for and greater understanding of their powers, preferring to help others along the way. They tend to be more gracious with people who face a plight similar to their own.

Neutral Sorcerers are mostly fascinated by Eldritch magic, and wish to see their powers grow as much as possible, caring little for traditional guidelines or even morality if it hinders their purpose. Some Sorcerers, however, wish to be rid of their powers so that they might better fit in. When searching for their resolution, they are often forced to grow in ability simply to stay alive.

Few Evil Sorcerers dislike having their magic, instead reveling in their unique strength. They often look down upon other mortals because they are not blessed with an innate connection to Eldritch forces. They consider themselves a higher form of evolution, taking, hurting, and consuming whatever they want from the common herd.

Class Features

♦ Eldritch Arcana1st Level
You cast spells from the Eldritch Philosophy. Use Charisma to determine your Arcana and Eldritch Might when casting Eldritch Spells. If you gain Eldritch Arcana from a different class feature, and that feature uses a different attribute, you may choose which attribute to use.
Arcana = ChaA + Casting Combat Training + LVLM + Misc. Bonuses
Eldritch Might = ChaP + Misc. Bonuses
If you get this feature from another class, you may choose with attribute to use.
♦ Cantrips1st Level
You master 3 Cantrips.
♦ Innate Casting1st Level
You do not need material components when using Eldritch Spells that you have mastered unless the component has a cost greater than 1 gp or is listed as a focus.
♦ Eldritch Arts1st Level
You gain access to the Eldritch Arts skill.
♦ Bonus Spell MasteriesMultiple Levels starting at 1st.
You Master additional Spells based on your level:
  • A sorcerer masters one bonus Basic Eldritch Spell at level 1.
  • A sorcerer masters one bonus Basic Eldritch Spell at level 4.
  • A sorcerer masters one bonus Advanced Eldritch Spell at level 6.
  • A sorcerer masters one bonus Advanced Eldritch Spell at level 10.
  • A sorcerer masters one bonus Legendary Eldritch Spell at level 14
  • A sorcerer masters one bonus Legendary Eldritch Spell at level 18.
  • A sorcerer masters one bonus Ultimate Eldritch Spell at level 22.

Combat Training

Combat Training by Level
  • 1st level, ½ point in Casting and ½ point in Will.
  • 2nd level, ½ point in Casting and ½ point in your choice of the following: Fortitude, Reflex, or Will.
  • 3rd level, ½ point in your choice of the following: Melee Weapon Attacks, Ranged Weapon Attacks, or Parry.
  • 5th level, ½ point in Casting.
  • 6th level, ½ point in Fortitude and ½ point Reflex.
  • 7th level, ½ point in your choice of the following: Casting or Parry.
  • 9th level, ½ point in Will.
  • 10th level, ½ point in Casting and ½ point in your choice of the following: Melee Weapon Attacks, Ranged Weapon Attacks, or Parry.
  • 11th level, ½ point in your choice of the following: Fortitude, Reflex, or Will.

Half-Sorcerer Specialties

When your character earns a Class Specialty, you may choose one from the following list.

♦ Allocation Reserve
You gain a reserve of Energy that may be used for the allocation costs of items, rituals or Eldritch Spells. The amount of energy in your reserve is equal to your Eldritch Rank. Unused energy from this reserve cannot be spent on spells or abilities that do not require an allocation.
♦ Elemental Adept
Choose an energy type from the following list: Caustic, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Sonic. You gain Damage Reduction to that energy type equal to twice your Physical rank. Additionally, whenever you use an Eldritch power with that keyword you gain a bonus to your Eldritch Might equal to your Physical Rank. Once you choose a damage type, the choice cannot be changed.
♦ Elemental Synergy
Choose two of the following energy types: Caustic, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Sonic. When you cast an Eldritch Spell with a keyword matching on one of your chosen types, you may choose to split the damage between the original energy type and your second chosen energy type. The Eldritch Spell also gains the keyword matching your second energy type.
♦ Inner Strength
When you cast an Eldritch Spell with a Stamina or Resolve cost of 2 or more, reduce the cost by 1. This has no affect on upkeep costs, nor can it be used to reduce energy burn.
♦ Invigorating Spells
Whenever you successfully complete the casting of an Eldritch Spell you gain temporary hitpoints equal to your Eldritch Rank.
♦ Hyperpotent Spells
Whenever you roll a potency check for an Eldritch Spell, roll twice and take the better result.
♦ Quick Recovery
Reduce the Recovery Times of all your Eldritch Spells by 1 (to a minimum of 1).
♦ Reflective Casting
You gain Resistance to Non-magical Weapons while Casting.
♦ Strong Spells
When casting an Eldritch Spell, reroll any damage dice that show a 1.
♦ Volatile Casting
When casting an Eldritch Spell with an Energy keyword (i.e. Caustic, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Necrotic, Poison or Sonic), and you are hit with a melee attack, deal backlash damage to the attacker equal to [Eldritch Might x ½ Physical Rank]. The damage dealt to the attacker is of the same type as the spell you're casting.