Experience Points (xp) are an abstract representation of your character's personal growth, training, and progress. A first level character starts with 0 xp, but can earn more as the story progresses. As the GM awards experience points, add them to your character's total amount. Eventually your character will earn enough experience points to Level Up.

Experience is gained through combat, completing quests, exploring, training, and general interaction within the campaign setting and story. The GM grants experience points based on what you and the party as a whole have accomplished. Experience is usually granted in equal portions to the party based on its accomplishments, but it is possible for characters to gain additional experience for individual achievements.

Your Experience Rating is used to determine the amount of experience needed for your character to Gain Level. To determine the amount of experience required to increase your character's level, use the following equation.

Next Level Experience = Current Level x Experience Rating X 500

Using this equation, a standard character with an Experience rating of 4, requires 2,000 experience to advance one level. A character with high attributes (rating 4.25 or 4.5), alternatively, requires 2,125 and 2,250 respectively.