What are Talents?

Talents add features and themes that augment your character's primary class. While a few Talents may be taken at first level, many are taken at later levels to help differentiate character's as they gain personality and experience through their adventuring career. Talents may add or replace powers from your primary class, may add or replace class features or grant you other abilities. Each specific talent can only be taken once (unless the talent states otherwise).

How do you gain a Talent?

In order to take a Talent you must meet that Talents prerequisites, have time within your GMs campaign to train with a master in your Talent, and spend a number for destiny points dependent on the Talent. A first level character starts with 2 destiny points and typically gains 1 destiny points every two levels thereafter, but this is at the discretion of the GM.

Your level limits the number of Destiny Points that can be spent on Talents, according to the following equation:

Max Talent Cost = [(Level ÷ 2) + 2] Destiny Points

Beyond the limitation on Talent Cost by level, you may take as many Talents as you qualify for and have masters available to train with. Many Talents are multi-tiered, requiring first tiers to be taken before second tiers, second tiers to be taken before 3rd tiers and so forth. Taking one or more tiers of a Talent does not require you to take all tiers of the Talent, though it may preclude you from taking other Talents. Each talent may only be taken once unless the talent states otherwise.

List of Talents

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