Magic Items

Magic Items, as their name suggests, are items imbued with magical properties. Some items hold temporary magics, as is the case for Consumable Items and Trinkets, while others have more permanent properties. Magic Items come in many forms, including equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Clothing. They can give magical properties to seemingly mundane objects, such as with the Decanter of Endless Water. They can enhance a wielder's existing abilities or grant new powers all their own. While all Magic Items are relatively rare, it is not uncommon for a party to discover several throughout the course of an adventure. Below are just a sampling of the possible Magic Items in QoD and some Gamemasters may decide to create their own, unique items.


Magic items have a Potency equal to 10 times their Rank. However, the Special Actions an item provides usually have a Potency check, similar to that of powers.

Trinkets have a Potency equal to 5 times their Rank. The effects of their Special Actions are also have a Potency Check and similar to that of powers.

Consumable items have a Potency check of [1d10 + Item Rank], similar to that of powers.


Consumables are single use items (or very limited use items) that have a short term effect or benefit. They include items such as potions and magical ammunition. Consumables are relatively simple to produce and may be readily available for purchase or trade in large cities, especially those housing one or more alchemists.

Consumable Items may be created utilizing the Alchemy skill. See Creating Consumable Items for more information.


Trinkets are temporary, multi-use items. The magic in trinkets is unstable and has a chance of dispersing after each use. Unlike Magic Items, Trinkets are imbued with a single magical ability. Trinkets are relatively simple to produce and may be readily available for purchase or trade in large cities, especially those with magical institutions.

Trinkets may be created through use of the Eldritch Arts and Religious Arts skills. See Creating Trinkets for more information.

Magic Items

Magic Items are imbued with permanent magical qualities. Some items have a single property, while others can have many. All Magic Items drain physical and mental energy from the wielder (in the form of Stamina or Resolve Allocation) in order to fuel their abilities. Magic Items are difficult to produce, requiring weeks to months of research and preparation (and sometimes even years). As such, Magic Items are particularly rare and not typically available for purchase. Magic Items are most commonly found through the course of adventuring.

Creating Magic Items is a very difficult and extensive process. See Magic Item Creation for more details.

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