Mental Philosophy

"Relax fellas! There's no way he's going to hit us with a Fireball from that range! I've seen this spell cast loads of times, and it never goes beyond-"
——Gang leader's last words

Battles are not won by muscle and steel alone, and any veteran adventurer worth their salt can attest to this. An educated and experienced mind is a lethal weapon as well as an invaluable tool, spellcasters and fighters of all kinds can benefit from powers in the mental philosophy.

Spellcasters may find they can enhance their magics, or apply unusual effects to there spells, while trained combatants will find ways to resist the effects of magic itself, improve the versatility of skills they have mastered, or even find ways to combine their non-combat skills with their finely honed melee abilities.

Powers in the Mental Philosophy are called Methods.

Innate Powers

Some Mental Methods are Innate, indicating that they may be used by anyone who meets the Mental Requirements. A creature does not need to learn these powers in order to use them.

List of Innate Mental Methods