How to Play

Quest of Destiny is a fantasy roleplaying game where a group of players comes together with a Gamemaster to tell a cooperative story. The Gamemaster sets the stage: crafting the setting and scenarios of the adventure. The Player's portray the main characters of the story, making decisions for them and determining how they interact within the adventure. Usually, a game of Quest of Destiny starts with a group of friends coming together to start an adventure, but if you're looking for an established group or want to start a new one, consider visiting your local game store or online community to connect with other players.

In the How to Play section, you will learn how to be a Player in Quest of Destiny (though this information is important to Gamemasters as well). It will take you through everything from how to portray your character, to learning what your character can do, to understanding how combat works. Feel free to jump around as you feel comfortable, or follow the navigation at the end of each page to read through the section in its entirety. Below, we will briefly describe the information presented in each section as a preview of things to come.

If you have not yet made a character, consider visiting the Characters section for detailed instructions for creating your character. Or choose from one of our pre-generated Sample Characters.


The Adventuring section gives an overview to roleplaying and what it means to portray a character. You will tips on how to bring that character to life, making decisions for your character, and determining what your character can do. You will also find a brief description of the GM's role versus the Player's role in the game, and how each contributes to the overall flow of the game.

Your First Session

In Your First Session you will get an overview about how an adventure or game session is likely to begin, including what may be expected of each character. It continues on to explain the character's role in the opening of a story and how to look for events or incidents to kick-off your adventure.

Using Skills & Powers

Using Skills & Powers gives you brief details on how to use your character's specific abilities. This includes how to make a skill check, the different types of actions and when they can be used, as well as power costs and how they can be augmented. Described briefly here, Powers and their effects are described in more detail in the Combat section.

Attacks & Damage

The Attacks & Damage section describes the mechanics of making attacks, dealing damage, and suffering attacks and damage. Again, this is described briefly here and in more detail in the Combat section.

Other Adventuring Topics

The Other Adventuring Topics section covers topics such as Time, Traveling, Environment, Resting, and Adventuring Rewards. It gives an overview of the types of situations and concepts that you will have to deal with as you adventure outside of the direct tasks and challenges that your GM may present to your characters. While many of the topics are described very briefly in this section, you will find a plethora of links that will lead you to more information on each topic.


The Combat tutorial covers everything you need to know about Combat in Quest of Destiny. This includes information on combat turns, initiative, taking actions, making attacks, determining the effect of a power, and suffering attacks and damage. Each section has its own page of detailed information, delving into the mechanics of gameplay.

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