Half-Wizard Class Traits
Exp Rating: 1.5
Base Hitpoints: INT/3
Level Hitpoints: 2 per level
Primary Attributes: Intelligence, Wisdom
Stamina: 0
Resolve: 2
Primary Class Philosophy: Eldritch Philosophy
Philosophy Training:
  • Gain Eldritch Rank 1 if you have no ranks in Eldritch.
  • Gain 1 rank to spend in Eldritch, Physical, or Mental
Skills Training
Class Favored Skills:
Starting Skill Points:
  • 12 points to be spent in your chosen Class Skills. These points cannot be used to raise a skill above Rank 3.
Weapon & Armor Proficiencies
Weapon Proficiency: Proficient in all Rank 1 weapons.
Armor Proficiency: None
Shield Proficiency: None
"You focus too much on the here and now. There is a bigger picture, one that resides in this world and beyond, in both the past and the future. I suppose it is not your fault, your sight is limited. I and I alone can see the issue from all sides."
——Meldrin Morasse, The Red Mage

Devotion to the Eldritch Arts

Wizards are regarded as some of the most powerful mortals on the physical plane, able to warp reality and the elements as they see fit. A Wizard understands things about the nature of existence that Sorcerers and Clerics never could, for they have done the research on such things. Wizards are seen as mysterious, dangerous, and extremely intelligent, mostly because they often are. The study of the Eldritch arts is not an easy practice, and the long term effects on a mortal being can forever alter both mind and body on their quest for power and knowledge.


Wizards are valuable allies in any adventuring group, although they largely prefer the relaxing solitude of a library to the harsh terrain of the road. Should one convince a wizard to embark on a worthy quest, they will have gained a great boon towards their endeavors. Wizards have many spells at their disposal, not limited to simple attack and defense. Their magic is versatile, and they are able to adapt how they can contribute every day, should they be so inclined. Among other incredible powers, Wizards have spells that provide shelter, information and sustenance, things that are often taken for granted until one starts traveling.

Some wizards actively choose the adventuring life, often searching for new artifacts and spells to further their ascension in the Eldritch Arts. Some even enjoy the thrill of combat, preferring to get their nose out of the book once in a while to truly test their skills in the heat of battle. After all, what good is a fireball if one does not know how to use it? Most wizards also understand that the most potent of magics cannot be found in a comfortably safe, warm and well-lit study.

History and Culture

Few are aware of how long the practice of Wizardry has existed, although the few that have an idea believe it is an art passed down before man ever walked the earth. Many Wizards are inclined to agree, believing their work to be of the utmost importance to the future of the world in which they live, so it is only appropriate that it was a skill devised by creatures beyond mortal limitations.

Most Wizards are somewhat reclusive, preferring to set up residence a comfortable distance away from other people so that they might practice magic undisturbed and unrestricted. This one facet of their preferences is probably the reason that Wizards are seen as eccentric or mysterious shut-ins, although a good many Wizards do not even dislike people for what they are; they simply find Eldritch magic to be far more interesting.


Wizards come in all shades of Good and Evil, as the arcane forces they manipulate are (mostly) non-discriminatory.

Goodly Wizards tend to practice the art because they are curious about what they can learn or achieve with these mysterious forces. Many even choose to use their powers for noble purposes, such as fortifying the lands and peoples they live close to, or serving under a benevolent leader as an adviser or general.

Neutral Wizards are a bit more reclusive than most, simply because they are more interested in magic then they are in the mundane, physical world. Many even perceive other people as an annoyance, and are slow to make friends.

Evil Wizards crave power and, more as a result of their craft's demands, knowledge. How they get it makes no difference to them and most are willing to delve into any mystery, no matter how dangerous, to further their goals. If someone should attempt to hinder their work, such individuals are quick to remove the problem like a boot ridding itself of an ant.

Class Features

♦ Eldritch Arcana1st Level
You learn and casts spells from the Eldritch Philosophy. Use Intelligence to determine your Arcana and Eldritch Might when casting Eldritch Spells. If you gain Eldritch Arcana from a different class feature, and that feature uses a different attribute, you may choose which attribute to use.
Arcana = IntA + Casting Combat Training + LVLM + Misc. Bonuses
Eldritch Might = IntP + Misc. Bonuses
If you get this feature from another class, you may choose with attribute to use.
♦ Eldritch Arts1st Level
You gain access to the Eldritch Arts skill.
♦ Rituals1st Level
You gain the Reveal Magic Ritual. You must have at least Rank 1 in Ritual Casting to utilize this ritual.
♦ Spell Book1st Level
You use a Spell Book to store and recall Eldritch spells. You must pick spells from your spellbook for your spell memorizations. You gain a spellbook for free that contains 2 Basic Eldritch Spells and 3 cantrips at Level 1. You must meet the prerequisites of the chosen spells. More spells may be added as they are Acquired.
♦ Entries for SpellbookEldritch Rank 3, 4, 5, etc.
Starting at Eldritch Rank 3, and at each rank thereafter, you may add any one Eldritch Spells for which you qualify to you Spell Book for free.
♦ Cantrip Memorizations1st Level
You gain 2 Cantrip Memorizations at 1st level.
♦ Spell Memorizations1st, 6th, 14th, and 22nd Levels.
You gain Spell Memorization slots of a particular Caliber based on your level. Whenever you complete an Extended Rest, you choose one Spell from your Spell Book to fill each Memorization Slot.
  • You gain one Basic Eldritch Spell memorizations at level 1.
  • You gain one Advanced Eldritch Spell memorizations at level 6, and may add one Advanced Eldritch Spell of Rank 4 to your Spell Book for free.
  • You gain one Legendary Eldritch Spell memorizations at level 14, and may add one Legendary Eldritch Spell of Rank 6 to your Spell Book for free.
  • You gain one Ultimate Eldritch Spell memorization at level 22, and may add one Ultimate Eldritch Spell of Rank 8 to your Spell Book for free.
♦ Bonus Spell MasteriesMultiple levels starting at 5th
You Master additional Spells based on your level:

Combat Training

Combat Training by Level
  • 1st level, one point in Will.
  • 2nd level, ½ point in Casting and ½ point in your choice of the following: Fortitude or Reflex.
  • 3rd level, ½ point in Will.
  • 5th level, ½ point in Casting.
  • 6th level, ½ point in your choice of the following: Melee Weapon Attacks, Ranged Weapon Attacks, or Parry.
  • 7th level, ½ point in Casting.
  • 9th level, ½ point in Will and ½ point in your choice of the following: Fortitude or Reflex.
  • 10th level, ½ point in Casting.
  • 11th level, ½ point in your choice of the following: Melee Weapon Attacks, Ranged Weapon Attacks, or Parry.

Half-Wizard Specialties

When your character earns a Class Specialty, you may choose one from the following list.

♦ Allocation Reserve
You gain a reserve of Energy that may be used for the allocation costs of items, rituals or Eldritch Spells. The amount of energy in your reserve is equal to your Eldritch Rank. Unused energy from this reserve cannot be spent on spells or abilities that do not require an allocation.
♦ Arcane Energy Reserve
You gain an extra reserve of energy that replenishes after each Short Rest without needing to burn energy for its restoration. You may spend this energy in place of Stamina or Resolve cost for Eldritch Spells. The amount of Energy in your reserve is equal to your Eldritch Rank. This reserve cannot be used for Burn costs.
♦ Dual Metacast
You may utilize two abilities with the Metacast keyword with a single cast of a spell, instead of just one.
♦ Efficient Mage
Double the duration of your Eldritch Spells. When you upkeep a spell, the upkept duration is also doubled.
♦ Metacast Efficiency
When using a Metacast feat that increases the Casting Time of a spell, you may reduce this increase by 1 (to a minimum of 1). Alternatively, when using a Metacast Feat that has an energy cost, you may reduce this cost by 1 (does not affect Energy Burn).
♦ Spell Collector
At each level, you may add one spell in your Spell Book for which you qualify. You must have at least one Spell Memorization for the Caliber of spell that you choose. Note, that while you can add a spell to your spellbook for which you do not yet meet the prerequisites, this does not allow you to memorize that power until you meet the prerequisites for casting it.
♦ Spell Shaping
When casting an Eldritch Spell that targets creatures in an area, you may choose to exclude from the effects of the spell a number of creatures equal to [½ x Eldritch Rank].
♦ Versatile Caster
You gain 1 additional Eldritch Basic, Advanced, and Legendary Spell memorization. You still must meet the minimum requirements to use these memorizations.
♦ Versatile Spell
Once per short rest, you may change out one Memorized spell for another spell in your Spellbook.