PersuasionIntelligence & Wisdom
Social Skill [Offensive]
"Look, I know that you need this potion, but I understand that you're hard up. So I'll make you a deal. You can give me half now, then half interest."
——--Serk. Illegitimate Fence

Persuasion consists of discussion, bartering, logic, tact, and the making of agreements. It can be used to increase someone’s Trust in you (see Influence), convince them to help (see Convince), or get a temporary reprieve from combat to engage the opponent in a social encounter. Persuasion is aligned with Trust and opposed by Hate and Doubt.

Common Uses of the Persuasion Skill
  • Increase a creature's Trust Disposition
  • Convince a creature to perform a task or help, fueled by their trust.
  • Use Parley to pause combat temporarily for a social encounter
Dispositions that Modify Persuasion Checks
Trust+5 per Rank
Hate-5 per Rank
Doubt-5 per Rank
Powers that Use Persuasion
Feats that Use Persuasion
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