Basic Mental Method [General, Perceptive]
Prerequisites: Mental Rank 1, Charm Rank 3 or Persuasion Rank 3
Immediate Action
Cost: 1 Resolve
Range: 30 ft
Target: One creature, other than you, within range.
Effect: You don't let your allies succumb to lethargy from hopelessness. You inspire your ally to act more quickly. Reduce the current Recovery Time of the target by 1 segment.
Special: A target may only have their current recovery reduced once by this ability.
Augment, Inspirational Call
[Mental Rank 2, Stacking]
Stacking [Rank 2, 3, 4, etc]: This augment may be applied mulitple times and is limited by your Mental Rank.
Effect: Increase the range of this power by 10 ft.