CharmIntelligence & Charisma
Social Skill [Offensive]
"Hey there, Stable Boy! Could you come over and help me reach! I keep trying but my ample bosom keeps getting in the way!"
——--Lord's Mistress

Charm consists of flattery, etiquette, pleasantries, and seduction. It can be used to increase someone’s Fondness for you (see Influence), ask for favors (see Convince, or gather rumors in a social environment. Charm is aligned with the Fondness Disposition and opposed by the Hate and Fear Dispositions.

Common Uses of the Charm Skill
  • Increase a creature's Fondness Disposition
  • Cause a creature to do you a favor or act in a certain way, fueled by their fondness.
  • Allow you to Gather Rumors within a social environment.
Dispositions that Modify Charm Checks
Fondness+5 per Rank
Hate-5 per Rank
Fear-5 per Rank
Example Difficulties for Gather Rumors
Learn common rumorDF 3DC 15
Learn uncommon rumorDF 4DC 20
Learn rare rumorDF 6DC 30

Powers that Use Charm
Feats that Use Charm
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