Dwarven Characteristics
Exp Rating: 1
Base Hitpoints: CON/3 + WIS/3
Level Hitpoints: 5 per level
Size: Medium
Attributes: +2 Con, +2 Wis, −2 Cha
Languages: Common, Dwarven
Stamina: 3
Resolve: 1
Philosophy Ranks: Rank 1 Mental, Rank 2 Physical
Senses: Darkvision
Points per Level: Gain 6 Skill Points per level.
Favored Skills:
Starting Skill Points:
  • 16 points to be spent in the above Racial Skills. These points cannot be used to raise a skill above Rank 3.
Shift: 5ft, 2 seg
Skirmish: 25ft, 3 seg
Sprint: 45ft, 3 seg
Overland: 2.5 mph or 25 mi/day
Racial Features
  • Dwarven Toughness: Increase Healing Value by ConP
  • Dwarven Encumbrance: A dwarf's speed is not reduced by armor or by light or medium encumbrance.
  • Poison Resistance: Dwarves receive a racial bonus on saving throws vs. poison equal to twice their Physical Rank [STB 2x[Physical Rank]].
  • Toxin Resistance: Dwarves receive a racial bonus on resilience checks made vs toxins and similar effects equal to their Physical Rank.
  • Dwarven Magic Impedance: Dwarves receive a racial bonus to saving throws vs. any magical effects equal to their Mental Rank. [STB [Mental Rank]]
Cultural Features
  • Dwarven Stubbornness: +1 Racial bonus to Will
  • Giant Fighting: Dwarves are considered large size for the purpose of flanking giants. Dwarves also gain a +4 racial bonus to grapple checks verses Giants.
  • Natural Tunneler: Gain a +4 racial bonus to Orienteering checks made when underground
  • Weapon Proficiency: Hammers & Axes (Ranks 1-3)

Under the Mountains is where you'll find us. We value our own an' our metal, don't care for much else. Don't need to, neither. We're children o' rock and iron, living free in them caves, learnin' the secrets o' the earth o'er the centuries while the rest o' you fools just play around in the dirt. -Dalfurion Steelcrest, Ancient Dwarven King


Stout and hardy, dwarves are shorter than humans, around 4 to 4.5 feet tall, but they typically weigh just as much or even more. Dwarf skin color ranges from a dark tan to a pale grey depending on which ones prefer the forge, and which like mining, and their eye and hair color ranges from brown to black (although red hair is not uncommon, and other colors are not entirely unheard of). Males wear their beards long, often braiding them in elaborate ways or adding intricate ties and clips. Females tend to be slightly shorter and lighter than males, but only by a little. Females also have beards that they prefer to keep neatly trimmed and tied off in artistic arrangements.

  • Male Height: 4ft 0in + 1d12 in
  • Male Weight: 160lb + 5d12 + STR + CON
  • Female Height: 3ft 10in + 1d12 in
  • Female Weight: 140lb + 5d12 + STR + CON

Ecology and History

Dwarves have a strong connection to the mountainous earth and value precious minerals above most else. They are known to create vast mountain kingdoms carved out of rock, hidden deep within the earth. They are valued by other races as great masons and metalworkers, gravitating enthusiastically towards such professions. After spending many years bartering among other humanoids, they are well known for valuing crafts, equipment and art that have been well crafted from metals, stone or decorated with fine gems.

Dwarves have a strong tie to their ancestry and most Dwarves have a strong inherent sense of duty to serve as part of their clan; this includes a relentless inner drive to bring their clan honor and glory. This often serves as the principal reason that Dwarves choose to become adventurers. Due to their practical ways and being steeped in the traditions handed down by their ancestors, Dwarves tend to be lawful, and more often than not lean towards good.

Dwarves are known to be stubborn and often distrustful of strangers, particularly non-dwarves. However, once a Dwarf’s trust is earned they can be fiercely loyal. Dwarves have a distinctive hatred of orcs, due to the two races typically colonizing the same areas, but having widely different views on the world around them. They often consider elves too aloof and do not often form strong connections with them. Dwarves do, however, respect elves’ efficacy in battle and have been known to stand beside them when necessary.