Craft Skill

Craft SkillVaries
Trade Skill [Crafting]
"Oh you know, I've been around. I know a little of this, a little of that. Give me a fine set of tools and I can make you just about anything!"
——Shandra Braunmettle, Traveling Handyman

The Craft Skill represents just about any trade involving the making of a particular good. Common craft skills are listed below (along with their appropriate attributes), but a character may choose to specialize in any craft appropriate to the setting (even if not listed below). Craft Skills may be broad, such as Tailoring and Weaving, or they may be specific, such as Dressmaking and Basket Weaving. When utilizing a more specific skill to complete a task, the Difficulty of the task is reduced by 1 or more. You may choose to take the Craft Skill multiple times, each time training in a different craft.

In addition to granting the ability to Craft Goods for use or sale, your chosen craft skill includes knowledge of the value of crafted goods and the best market for a particular craft. Lore for your chosen craft skill includes the ability to recognize the work of famous craftsman, to determine the origin of a crafted good based on style and materials, and knowledge of methods and processes used for your craft.

Common Craft Skills
Artwork (Paint, Sculpting, Glass)DexCha
Bowing & FletchingDexWis
Gem CuttingDexInt
Common Uses of Craft Skills
  • Craft an item
  • Identify the work of a particular craftsman
  • Identify the geographic origin of an item
Example Difficulties for Craft Skill Lore
Identify work of local craftsman or competitorDF 4DC 20
Identify geographic origins of crafted good by style or materialDF 5DC 25
Identify famous craftsman's workDF 6DC 30
Identify rare materials and crafting methodsDF 7DC 35

Some Craft Skills (indicated with the Crafting keyword) have been detailed as separate Trade Skills as they have additional functions outside of the crafting aspect of the skill. During character creation, when you are given a choice of a Craft Skill as a Favored Skill you may choose any Craft Skill.