Using Skills

Making a Skill Check

When you attempt to use a skill, you are often required to make a skill check. To make a skill check, roll a d20 and add the Skill Check Bonus to the result. This skill check is compared to a Difficulty Class (see below) or other criteria to determine whether the check succeeds or fails.

A skill check is used in a number of different circumstances, including overcoming challenges or obstacles, gathering information or analyzing a situation, a completing a task. Succeeding a skill check either allows you to overcome the situation or make progress towards a goal, while failing a skill check may simply mean a lack of success or can have detrimental consequences.

Trying Again

If there are no detrimental consequences to failing a skill check, you may be able to try again. The number of times that you are able to attempt a single, specific task is determined by your Patience Score. If you make no progress during these attempts, you lose patience and can no longer attempt the task until the situation changes or you have taken an extended rest.

Difficulty Class

A Difficulty Class (DC) determines how difficult it is to overcome a certain obstacle using a skill. This is usually a set number which your skill check must meet or exceed in order to overcome the challenge. Some examples of challenges that have a DC include Climbing a wall, picking the lock on a chest, making a piece of weaponry, dismantling a trap, Swimming across a rushing river, performing a play for a king, recalling information about an animal you see, casting a ritual, making an alchemical potion, and much more.

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