Feats represent small benefits used to enhance your character. There are many feats to choose from and they have extremely varied effects. Some feats will adjust your character's core statistics, granting a feat bonus to skills checks, defenses, damage, saving throws, weapon capabilities, casting abilities, and much more. Other feats will grant feat bonuses in specific circumstances, such as when your character makes a Critical Strike or when he falls from height. Still other feats will augment specific powers or grant your character new abilities (such as proficiency with a specific weapon or armor rank).

Some feats chain together, with subsequent feats improving the effect of the base feat. For example, Improved Stamina must be taken before Greater Stamina (each of which increase your character's Stamina total). Feats may have other prerequisites as well, including Racial or Class features, Philosophy Ranks, Skill Ranks, or Armor and Weapon proficiency.

Choosing your character's feats are much like choosing his powers: finding a concept that's interesting to you or fits your character concept. If you would like your character to be adept at a particular skill, attempt to find a feat that enhances that skill. If your character is skilled with a weapon, consider a feat that improves weapon capabilities.

All characters gain 1 feat per level.

List of Feats