Each Philosophy represents training in the use of a particular power source, whether that be training of the body (Physical Philosophy) and mind (Mental Philosophy), or training in fighting techniques (Martial Philosophy), or the ability to draw on deific magic (Divine Philosophy), or the ability to tap into the magic of the universe (Eldritch Philosophy). Each Philosophy is further divided into Disciplines, which represent different schools of training within the discipline. You gain access to Philosophies via your Primary Philosophies from your Race and Class. You may gain access to additional Philosophies via Feats and similar Features, though powers taken from these Philosophies are subject to additional costs (see Philosophies and Discipline Training).

Your Philosophy Rank serves as a prerequisite for powers and grants access to Power Augments (see Using Skills & Powers for more details on Power Augments). Your granted Disciplines (which are a feature of your Class) also limit your access to powers, though you may utilize powers outside your Disciplines at an additional cost (see Philosophies and Discipline Training). As a character increases in level, it can increases its Philosophy Rank to gain access to better powers and augments.

Philosophy Ranks

Your character will gain starting Philosophy Ranks from its Race and Class (usually 3 Ranks from each). Thereafter, your class will gain 1 Philosophy Rank at every even level, that may be spend in any Philosophy the character has at least 1 Rank in, up to the Maximum Philosophy Rank based on your character level. To determine the Maximum Philosophy Rank for your level, use the following equation:

Maximum Philosophy Rank = (Level ÷ 4) + 3, round down

You may also gain additional Philosophy Ranks from Feats, Talents, and similar features.


Divine Philosophy

The Divine Philosophy allows a character to draw on the power of its deity to fuel its abilities. Most Divine characters worship a specific god or ideal that grants them their power. Classes that utilize the Divine Philosophy include Clerics and Paladins.

Powers: Prayers
Attack: Devotion
Skill:Religious Arts

Eldritch Philosophy

The Eldritch Philosophy teaches a character to use and shape the magic of the world around them, bending it to their whim. The Eldritch Philosophy includes those with an innate ability to conjure these magics (Sorcerers) and those that develop their abilities through years of intense study (Wizards).

Powers: Spells
Attack: Arcana
Skill: Eldritch Arts

Primordial Philosophy - Coming Soon

The Primordial Philosophy gains its power from the elements and is innately tied to the world's currents. Druids gain their abilities through the Primordial Philosophy.

Powers: Elements
Attack: Nature
Skill: Primordial Arts

Qi Philosophy - Coming Soon

The Qi Philosophy involves condensing ones internal energy and breath into physical force. Monks gain their abilities from the Qi Philosophy.

Powers: Forms
Skill: Qi Practice

Martial Philosophy

The Martial Philosophy trains its pupils in a variety of fighting techniques and combat styles, utilizing weapons to make complex attacks. Classes the utilize the Martial Philosophy include Barbarians, Fighters, Rangers, and Rogues.

Powers: Techniques
Skill: Martial Practice

Mental Philosophy

The Mental Philosophy involves training the mind for acuity and diligence. All creatures with a mind have access to the Mental Philosophy.

Powers: Methods

Music Philosophy - Coming Soon

The Music Philosophy harnesses the power of music to inspire and affect the world. Bards gain their power from the Music Philosophy.

Powers: Songs
Attack: Perform
Skill: Musical Arts

Physical Philosophy

The Physical Philosophy involves training the body for agility and endurance. All creatures with a physical body have access to the Physical Philosophy.

Powers: Maneuvers

Psionics Philosophy - Coming Soon

The Psionics Philosophy allows one to channel their mental energy into physical being. Psions utilize the Psionics Philosophy.

Powers: Thoughts
Attack: Psi
Skill: Psionic Arts

Shadow Philosophy - Coming Soon

The Shadow Philosophy taps into the power of the Shadow Plane to fuel its powers. Assassins gain their abilities from the Shadow Philosophy.

Powers: Hexes
Attack: Essence
Skill: Shadow Arts

Spirit Philosophy - Coming Soon

The Spirit Philosophy derives power from the spirits that inhabit the space between living and death. Shamans utilize the Spirit Philosophy.

Powers: Incantations
Attack: Witchcraft
Skill: Spiritual Arts

Truename Philosophy - Coming Soon

Learning the true names of things gives power over those things. The Truename Philosophy is the study of those names and how to pronounce them. The Truenamer gains its abilities from the Truename Philosophy.

Powers: Words
Attack: Oration
Skill: Naming Arts

Racial Philosophies

These philosophies pertain only to creatures of certain races. They cannot be learned by those that do not have the power innately tied to their form.


The Undeath Philosophy is a force that fuels the unliving. Only those creatures that once lived, but are now undead can utilize the philosophy of Undeath.

Powers: Scourges
Attack: Corruption
Skill: Necromantic Arts


Energy reserved specifically to those creatures of the Fae Realm.

Powers: Pranks
Attack: Mischief
Skill: Sylvan Arts


Powers: Sins
Attack: Malice
Skill: Infernal Arts


Powers: Virtues
Attack: Grace
Skill: Celestial Arts


Powers: Truths
Attack: Presence
Skill: Draconic Arts