Eldritch Philosophy

"Let them scramble about in their wars and their worship. So linear. So limited. The flow of life is not a river, it is a heaving mass of complex, bending, winding roads, interwoven yet separate. None truly understand how to navigate them, not even your petty gods."
——Meldrin Morasse, The Red Mage

Eldritch powers are perhaps the most mysterious and misunderstood abilities that can be harnessed by man. To train in Wizardry or Sorcery is to delve into the mysteries of existence itself, to alter reality, space and time, then bend it to your will. It is for this reason that most fear Eldritch Magic. Even gods have been known to be wary of skilled practitioners of the Edlritch Arts, for they can learn how to ignore the laws of the universe that even the gods are bound by.

There are very few areas that are known to openly support a culture of Eldritch magic, although some pockets do exist. For the most part, those who follow this path are a secretive lot, and seek to train at schools or academies that spread knowledge of such things. The presence of several practitioners of this art in an area is usually due to such a school being established nearby, or they are linked with an area known for containing Eldritch knowledge. Despite being typically on the outskirts of more common communities, Wizards and Sorcerer's often sport magic powers that take advantage of their surroundings. Wizard from the far east seem to favor fire magic, while those who live in western cities might favor raw Eldritch energy for its versatility.

Powers within the Eldritch philosophy are called spells.


Arcana is a measure of casting technique and is used to wield a spell as it is cast. Casters with a high Arcana find that their spells are more accurate and more frequently affect their targets. Wizards use Intelligence to calculate Arcana and Sorcerers use Charisma (see the class page for more information).

Eldritch Might

Eldritch Might is a measure of the amount of raw power that a creature can pour into a spell. A creature with a high Eldritch Might can often do more damage with spells. Wizards use Intelligence to calculate Eldritch Might and Sorcerers use Charisma (see the class page for more information).

Eldritch Disciplines

Eldritch Philosophies are broken up into disciplines of magic that focus on various aspects of manipulation. Some allow others to create out of thin air, others allow them to destroy, while still others focus on controlling the mind. There are many aspects to Eldritch Magic, so many in fact that classifications had to be made t better organize the sharing of this knowledge. Many practitioners of the art prefer to dabble in all disciplines, in hopes of gaining a greater understanding of the universe itself. Some, however, prefer to focus on one in particular to gain power as quickly as possible.


This school of magic specializes in the denial of effects both magical and mundane. The powers learned within can range from deflecting a sword attack to ejecting an enemy into another plane of existence. Many abjuration spells are geared heavily towards personal defense for this reason.


Conjuration deals with summoning objects, effects and even living creatures out of thin air from another location, as far away even as other planes of existence. This can create a variety of effects, elemental attacks, summoned weapons, even moving objects instantaneously.


This kind of magic is focused on gaining information through a variety of sources, seeing through falsehoods and even magical illusions. A skilled diviner is very difficult to hide a secret from. The most powerful of divine magics can even look forward into the future.


This school is deceptively powerful, allowing a spell caster to create magical effects that can bind on to objects and creatures, either to help or hinder them. Whereas other wizards may seek to manifest their will against enemies in more tangible ways, an enchanter can manipulate those around them with beguiling charms and manipulations.


A master of evocation can create effects from nothing, most commonly demonstrated through energy attacks such as explosive blasts or great waves of energy. This school harnesses the primal energies of the universe, almost always with the intent of inflicting damage on a target.


The discipline of illusion is another school of magic that is more powerful than it seems. While not being able to directly manifest a true physical presence, it warps what the mind perceives, creating effects that for all intents and purposes, are just as real to the victim as any other threat. Since the types of illusions that can be created are limited by imagination, Illusion magic in the hands of a powerful and creative caster can be utterly devastating to an ignorant target.


Necromancy is a study of magical arts that tamper with the dead and the negative energies that eat away at the life force and souls of living creatures. This school is frowned upon by many as an evil art, although one does not have to be evil to wield it. Controlling zombies, withering flesh and draining life out of victims are all common methods employed by necromancers.


This school utilizes magics that physically alter reality in various ways. They can create bizarre effects like changing one's shape, changing one material into another, even bending materials to the will of the caster. Extraordinarily powerful Transmuters can even alter reality itself.