Sometimes you want to create a character with a bit more versatility than a standard class can give you. For example, maybe you want your Rogue to dabble in a little Eldritch Magic. Your Cleric may be a practiced Fighter as well as a man of god. Or perhaps you just can't decide and want the best of both worlds. Whatever your character concept, Half-Classes may be able to help you build they kind of character combination you are looking for.

Just like classes, Half-Classes are chosen at the time of character creation. Any two Half-Classes can be put together to make the equivalent of a standard class (as far as your character's Experience Rating is concerned). Each Half-Class gains some, but not all, of the features and abilities of their standard counterparts.

Creating a Half-Classed Character is done just like creating your Standard Character, with the following distinctions. While relatively easy, it is recommended that half-classes be reserved for more advanced players.

Hitpoints: Hitpoints from your two half-classes are cumulative. Therefore, you gain the Base Hitpoints from both half-classes and the level hitpoints from both half-classes.
Energy: Energy from your two half-classes are cumulative. Therefore, you may gain Stamina and/or Resolve from both half-classes.
Philosophy Training: You gain a Primary Philosophy from both of your half-classes. If your half-classes have the same Primary Philosophy, you will get 1 rank in your primary philosophy from the first half-class, but none from the second half-class. Each half-class will then grant a philosophy rank that can be spent in your choice of Physical, Mental, or your Class Philosophy (for a maximum of 3 to be spend in the same Class Philosophy).
Skill Training: You will gain a list of Favored Skills from both your half-classes (typically with some choices). Additionally, you will gain starting Skill Points from each half class.
Weapon Proficiency: Weapon Proficiencies are cumulative. You gain all Weapon Proficiencies granted by your half-classes. For example, if you gain Rank 2 Weapons and Rank 3 Axes from one half class, and Rank 1 Weapons and Rank 2-3 Blades from from another half-class, your final Proficiencies are Rank 2 Weapons, Rank 3 Axes, and Rank 3 Blades (the Rank 2 Weapons and Rank 2 Blades overlap).
Armor & Shield Proficiency: Armor and Shield Proficiencies are addititive. For example, if you gain Rank 3 Armor from one half-class and Rank 2 Armor from another, your proficiency becomes Rank 5 Armor.
Combat Training: Combat Training from your half-classes is additive. Each half-class grants its own Combat Training, but it grants it in ½ point increments instead of 1 point increments. If you end up with a fraction of a point in your combat training at a particular level, your bonus is rounded down as it applies to your attacks and defenses (until it is increased at a later level).
Class Features: Class Features are cumulative. Therefore, you gain the class features from both half-classes.
Specialties: When you gain a specialty (at levels 3, 11, or 17), you may choose one from either of your Half-class lists. You only get one specialty at a time, not one from each half-class.