Barbarian Class Traits
Exp Rating: 3
Base Hitpoints: STR/3 + CON/3
Level Hitpoints: 9 per level
Primary Attributes: Strength, Constitution
Stamina: 3
Resolve: 1
Primary Class Philosophy: Martial Philosophy
Philosophy Training:
  • Rank 2 in Martial
  • 1 additional ranks spent in Martial, Physical, or Mental
Skills Training
Class Favored Skills:
Starting Skill Points:
  • 32 points to be spent in the above Class Skills. These points cannot be used to raise a skill above Rank 3.
Weapon & Armor Proficiencies
Weapon Proficiency: All Rank 1, Rank 2, and Rank 3 Weapons.
Armor Proficiency: All Rank 3 Armors and less.
Shield Proficiency: None.
"We thought we were safe. We must have built that wall almost 20 feet high, and it was covered in spikes. I'll never forget that short, sudden silence among our men as we watched them scale the whole damn thing with their bare hands. Just stuck em' on to the spikes, pulled themselves up by their own skin. Half our force fled right then, and the other half surely wished they had."
——Bander Blackwater, Captain of the Guard of the Northern Greatwood Fort, on the first and last time he took a command in the Savage Plains.

Ruthless and Primal Warriors

The Barbarian is a ferocious combatant. A trained fighter gains his skill through hours of practice and study of combat, but the Barbarian takes a more practical approach. They learn on the field of battle, relying on their instincts, strength and natural cunning. Often born and bred in inhospitable environments, savage barbarian tribes are known for producing some of the most powerful of warriors. These ruthless combatants are tested constantly against the elements, wild beasts and even rival tribes. The strong survive to fight another day, the weak and unskilled die on the blades of their enemy. Particularly gifted Barbarians learn to train their instincts even further, harnessing their rage and adrenaline to increase their power and durability, sometimes to such a degree that they appear as a force of nature on the battlefield. What the Barbarian lacks in sophisticated training and resources is more than made up for in brute force and aggressiveness.


A strong barbarian can often be a double-edged sword to an adventuring party, as their lack of control and understanding of the modern world often instigates just as many battles as they win. Despite this potential danger, many Barbarians become reliable allies once they come to some sort of understanding with their comrades. Not only can they be a relentless, fearless front-line fighter, but they can grow to be unquestioningly loyal allies to those they respect and care for. In the harsh environments that many of these warriors hail from, they have learned that strong friends are necessary for survival.

Barbarians usually have several basic reasons for choosing an adventuring lifestyle: Greed, Power or Desperation. Barbarians mostly prefer to stay among their own people, leaning towards xenophobia in some cases. However, the allure of wealth is far stronger to those who have very little, the allure of power is stronger still, and these two things can draw even the most dedicated tribesmen out of their simple environments. The third reason is a more common motivator, sometimes there is simply nothing left to survive off of in their homeland, so Barbarians are forced to explore outside their territory to live on. As a result, Barbarians sometimes simply fall in to the adventuring lifestyle after encountering a party of enterprising allies.

History and Culture

Barbarians have been in existence since humanoids first emerged, and then shortly after discovered how to kill. Over time, weaker savage cultures were consumed by stronger ones, and eventually only the most brutal of these warriors became strong enough to co-exist in a world with other beings who have surpassed them in terms of education and technology.

Tribes and families of these primitive fighters tend to live in small pockets scattered around the world, and have no particular areas that they come from. If an environment can support humanoid life, no matter how harsh, a group of savages cant typically be found there. Some barbarians do not come from primitive homes, and came by their circumstances a bit differently, perhaps being abandoned at youth, or growing up homeless in dangerous cities. There are no real cultural requirements to be a barbarian, other than an understanding of one's own instincts and self-reliance.


Barbarians can have any range of disposition, but despite this many cultures see them as evil and dangerous, simply because they choose to remain outside of organized society. They can become hostile towards things they do not understand if they find themselves in an unfamiliar environment, but those who are a bit more tolerant of others will quickly learn that Barbarians are predisposed to ignorance due to their environment, and not simple irrational anger.

Goodly Barbarians often choose to learn how to live alongside other cultures or at least tolerate them, and quickly form strong bonds with their allies, generally being quicker to trust than others of their kind. Unaligned Barbarians are usually strong warriors whose primary motivation in life is to survive by any means necessary, and in many cases to survive more comfortably. Since most Barbarians don't tend to have the same sense of morality that other cultures do, they are often mistaken as evil warriors, when in reality they simply operate under a different set of rules. Evil Barbarians are known for raiding, killing and defiling everything in their path, they do not care for the laws of others, they follow one rule: Might Makes Right.

Class Features

♦ Martial Combatant1st Level
When making a Melee Basic Attack or Ranged Basic Attack, you may substitute your Martial Rank for Physical Rank for the purposes of using augments. Additionally, gain access to the Martial Practice skill.
♦ Barbaric Rage1st Level
You gain the Barbaric Rage class Power. This allows you to gain Fury to fuel your other powers and abilities.
♦ Bonus Basic Powers1st Level
You master two bonus Basic Martial Technique, one from the Brute and one from the Savage Discipline. You must still meet all prerequisites of the chosen power.
♦ Barbaric Strikes1st Level
Whenever you attack with a weapon you are proficient in, you gain a +5% class bonus to Critical Strike Chance.
♦ Illiterate1st Level
You cannot read or write. If you encounter a teacher during your career, you can spend 2 skill points to learn to read and write.
♦ Basic Melee Training5th Level
Decrease the Base Speed of any Melee or Thrown Weapon you wield by 1. This is a Class bonus. You must be proficient with the weapon to gain this benefit.
♦ Great CriticalMartial Rank 6, 8, 10, etc
The critical strike multiplier of any weapon you wield is increased by 1. Gain this benefit at Martial Rank 6 and every 2 ranks thereafter (i.e. Rank 6, 8, 10, etc). Each time you gain this feature, increase the bonus by 1. If you gain the Great Critical feature from multiple sources, only the greater benefit is applied.
♦ Advanced Melee Training13th Level
Decrease the Base Speed of any Melee or Thrown Weapon you wield by 1. This is a class bonus that stacks with Basic Melee Training. You must be proficient with the weapon to gain this benefit.
♦ Legendary Melee Training21st Level
Decrease the Base Speed of any Melee or Thrown Weapon you wield by 1. This is a class bonus that stacks with Advanced Melee Training. You must be proficient with the weapon to gain this benefit.

Combat Training

Combat Training by Level
  • 1st level, one point in Melee, one point in Fortitude, and one point in Reflex.
  • 2nd level, one point in Parry and one point in your choice of the following: Reflex or Will.
  • 3rd level, one point in Melee Weapon Attacks and one point in Fortitude.
  • 5th level, one point in your choice of the following:Ranged Weapon Attacks or Parry.
  • 6th level, one point in Melee Weapon Attacks and one point in Parry.
  • 7th level, one point in your choice of the following: Fortitude or Reflex.
  • 9th level, one point in your choice of the following: Melee Weapon Attacks, Ranged Weapon Attacks, or Parry.
  • 10th level, one point in Parry and one point in Reflex.
  • 11th level, one point in Melee Weapon Attacks and one point in Fortitude.

Barbarian Specialties

When your character earns a Class Specialty, you may choose one from the following list.

♦ Blood Fury
Once per round while you are raging, when you kill an opponent you may gain one fury. Only one additional fury can be gained per round by using this specialty.
♦ Bloodless Rage
While Raging you gain Resistance to all weapon attacks.
♦ Endless Rage
You may use the Barbaric Rage ability twice per rest, instead of just once.
♦ Equipment Specialist
Reduce both your Stamina and Resolve allocations for any magical Armor, Weapons, or Shields that you wield by half (min 1, round up). You may use this ability on a number of items up to your Martial Rank.
♦ Fueling Rage
While raging, decrease the Stamina or Resolve cost of your Martial Attack Powers by 1. This does not affect Stamina or Resolve Burn.
♦ Hustle
Once per rest you may reduce your current recovery by 5 segments as a free action.
♦ Melee Brutality
When dealing damage with a melee or thrown weapon you are proficient with, you may re-roll 1's on any weapon damage dice until they do not show a 1. While raging, you may reroll 1's and 2's until they do not show a 1 or 2.
♦ Mobile Rage
While you are Raging, Lunging and Charging do not increase your recovery time.
♦ Physical Paragon
Gain a +5 class bonus to all saving throws vs. STR, DEX, and CON [STB 5].
♦ Relentless Slaughter
When you kill an opponent with a Melee Attack, you may immediately make a Melee Basic Attack against another creature within reach as a Free Action.
♦ Survivor
Whenever you make a Resilience check to avoid an Injury, roll twice and take the better result.
♦ Thick Skinned
Whenever you take damage, reduce the damage taken by your Physical Rank. This does not count as Damage Reduction.
♦ Tireless Warrior
When you complete a short rest, you automatically regain all of your hitpoints (instead of burning a stamina).
♦ Unstoppable Rage
While raging you are immune to the Delayed, Dazed, Stunned, and Stupefied conditions.