SurvivalConstitution & Wisdom
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"Hey, did you know you can live off eating roots?! I didn't either. Not until I had to, at least!"
——Shipwreck Survivor

Survival represents the ability to stay alive in a harsh environment with limited resources. It includes your ability to find food and shelter, withstand environmental dangers and generally acquire basic needs. Survival lore includes knowledge of survival techniques and means of acquiring basic needs, the ability to prioritize and ration resources, and the ability to identify the best survival methods for a particular environment.

Common Uses of the Survival Skill
  • Forage for food and water for yourself and others
  • Build shelter from natural substances
  • Appropriately rations supplies and prioritize needs based on your environment
Common DCs for the Survival Skill
Survive in the wild, forage for food and water. For every 2
points you exceed the DC, you may forage for another person.
DF 3DC 15
Keep from getting lost and able to avoid obstaclesDF 4DC 20
Identify animal tracksDF 4DC 20
Predict changes in weather 24 hours in advanceDF 4DC 20
Build a simple shelterDF 5DC 25
Build a weatherproof shelterDF 6DC 30
Common Modifiers for the Survival Skill
Lush environment (such as forest, jungle, etc)+5
Sparse environment (such as desert, mud flat, arctic, etc)-5
Powers that Use Survival
Feats that Use Survival