Melee Weapons

NameRankSpd.Prec.Dmg. DiceDmg. Mult.ArN
Base Crit. Chance
Crit. Dmg. per Phys Rank
PropertiesSub-GroupDmg. TypeCostWt.Rarity
Hatchet1721d61210%2Heavy Thrown (15ft)Light AxeC8 sp2 lbCommon
Handaxe2721d61210%3Heavy Thrown (15ft)Light AxeC13 sp3 lbCommon
Battleaxe2821d101215%3Unblockable-C26 sp6 lbCommon
Dwarven Waraxe3821d121215%3Unblockable-C30 gp9 lbRare
Dwarven Urgrosh (Swing)4721d81215%3VersatileSpearC24 gp12 lbRare
Dwarven Urgrosh (Thrust)4621d6115%3VersatileSpearP24 gp12 lbRare
Greataxe3921d102415%3Unblockable-C13 gp12 lbCommon
Halberd (Swing)31021d122315%4Reach (+5 ft), VersatilePolearmC, P38 sp14 lbCommon
Halberd (Thrust)3821d6225%3Reach (+5 ft), VersatilePolearmC, P38 sp14 lbCommon
Orc Double Axe4821d101215%3Defensive 1, Double Weapon-C21 gp15 lbRare
Executioner's Axe41022d62415%5Unblockable, Heavy-C30 gp20 lbUncommon
Knife0621d3105%2-DaggerS, P2 sp0.5 lbCommon
Dagger1621d4100%2Light Thrown (15ft)DaggerS, P7 sp1 lbCommon
Punching Dagger2631d4110%3-DaggerP9 sp1 lbUncommon
Short Sword2621d6100%2ParrySwordP16 sp2 lbCommon
Sickle2621d4115%3--S, P10 sp2 lbCommon
Cutlass3621d6105%2-SwordS, C24 sp2 lbUncommon
Gladius3621d6110%2ParrySwordS, P60 sp2 lbUncommon
Main-guache3621d4100%2Defensive 2, SunderingDaggerS, P33 sp3 lb.Uncommon
Shield Spike3621d4115%2AttachedSpikeP8 sp1 lbCommon
Stiletto3621d4135%3-DaggerP12 sp1 lbUncommon
Kukri4631d6115%2-DaggerS, C27 sp2 lbRare
Broad Sword2721d8125%2-SwordS26 sp4 lbCommon
Long Sword2731d8105%2-SwordS25 sp4 lbCommon
Bastard Sword3731d10100%2-SwordS72 sp6 lbUncommon
Scimitar3731d81210%2-SwordS, C36 sp4 lbUncommon
Throwing Long Knife3722d41110%2Heavy Thrown (20ft)DaggerP21 sp1 lbRare
Assassin's Quick Blade4621d41010%4Light Thrown (15ft)DaggerP33 sp1 lbRare
Foil4741d81110%3ParrySwordP12 gp2 lbUncommon
Rapier4741d81110%3ParrySwordS15 gp2 lbUncommon
Great Sword2931d12200%2-SwordS, C13 gp8 lbCommon
Scythe2921d10235%4Trip-S, P19 sp8 lbCommon
Falchion3821d8225%2SunderingSwordS, C90 sp8 lbUncommon
Glaive (Swing)3931d10215%2Reach (+5 ft), VersatilePolearmS, P30 sp11 lbCommon
Glaive (Thrust)3821d6225%3Reach (+5 ft), VersatilePolearmS, P30 sp11 lbCommon
Executioner's Sword4932d6215%3-SwordS, C33 gp18 lbUncommon
Two-bladed Sword4731d8105%2Defensive 1, Double WeaponSwordS24 gp8 lbRare
Flail2721d8105%2Disarm, Trip-B30 sp5 lbCommon
Heavy Flail3721d10105%2Disarm, Trip-B50 sp9 lbCommon
Whip3621d4105%2Reach (+5 ft), Trip, Grab-S26 sp2 lbCommon
Scourge4621d6100%2Reach (+5 ft), Grab, Pain-S36 sp3 lbUncommon
Dire Flail3922d62010%2Disarm, Trip-B30 gp15 lbRare
Spiked Chain4831d101.505%2Reach (+5 ft), Defensive 1, Trip-B, S60 sp4 lbUncommon
Light Mallet1721d6135%3--B2 sp2 lbCommon
Light Hammer2721d61310%3Heavy Thrown (15ft)-B6 sp2 lbCommon
Warhammer2821d101410%4--B27 sp5 lbCommon
Gnome Hooked Hammer3731d61410%3Trip-B, P12 gp6 lbRare
Sledgehammer21021d122410%5--B40 sp15 lbCommon
Lucerne Hammer (Swing)31022d62510%3Reach (+5 ft), VersatilePolearmB40 sp14 lbCommon
Lucerne Hammer (Thrust)3821d6225%3Reach (+5 ft), VersatilePolearmP40 sp14 lbCommon
Maul31022d62510%5Heavy, Unblockable-B10 gp30 lbCommon
Light Club0711d6115%3Heavy Thrown (10ft)ClubB4 cp3 lbCommon
Light Mace1721d6125%3Heavy Thrown (10ft)-B11 sp3 lbCommon
Heavy Club0811d10115%3-ClubB6 cp5 lbCommon
Mace2721d8125%3--B21 sp5 lbCommon
Sap3621d4105%2Knock-Out-B12 sp2 lbCommon
Greatclub1911d8235%5-ClubB1 sp8 lbCommon
Spiked Greatclub11011d12245%5-ClubB, P6 sp9 lbCommon
Morningstar3921d12245%3--B, P35 sp10 lbCommon
Monk Weapons
Butterfly Sword3621d6105%2-SwordS57 sp2 lbRare
Kama3731d8125%2Trip-C18 sp2 lbRare
Nunchaku3621d6105%2Disarm-B3 sp2 lbRare
Sai3731d8105%2Defensive 1, Sundering-P60 sp2 lbRare
Siangham3621d41210%2--P18 sp1 lbRare
Light Pick2721d61310%4--P7 sp2 lbCommon
Heavy Pick2821d101410%4--P40 sp7 lbCommon
Warpick3922d42510%5--P58 sp10 lbCommon
Dire Pick41022d62615%6Heavy, Unblockable-P27 gp16 lbRare
Shortspear1621d4100%3Heavy Thrown (15ft), Semi-Aquatic-P5 sp3 lbCommon
Spear1721d6115%3Heavy Thrown (15ft), Semi-Aquatic, Charging-P6 sp5 lbCommon
Trident2721d8115%3Heavy Thrown (15ft), Aquatic-P30 sp6 lbUncommon
Longspear2931d8225%3Reach (+5 ft), Charging-P14 sp6 lbCommon
Greatspear31032d6225%3Reach (+5 ft)-P17 sp9 lbCommon
Guisarme (Hook)3931d102110%3Reach (+5 ft), Trip, VersatilePolearmP20 sp10 lbCommon
Guisarme (Thrust)3821d6225%3Reach (+5 ft), VersatilePolearmP20 sp10 lbCommon
Ranseur3931d8235%3Push, Reach (+5 ft), TripPolearmP23 sp12 lbCommon
Lance4931d10225%3Reach (+5 ft), Charging-P30 sp10 lbCommon
Quarterstaff1821d81.505%2Defensive 1-B1 sp4 lbCommon
Ironshod Staff2921d10225%3Defensive 1-B11 sp8 lbCommon
Bo Staff3821d62110%3Defensive 1, Monk Weapon-B1 sp4 lbCommon
Unarmed Attacks
Unarmed0701d6100%2No Disarm-B---
Gauntlet1-+1--+1--No DisarmGauntletB30 sp1 lbCommon
Martial Unarmed1711d6105%2No Disarm-B---
Spiked Gauntlet1+1+2--+2--No DisarmGauntletP40 sp2 lbCommon
Improvised Weapons
If you use a weapon for which you do not have proficiency, it is treated as an improvised weapon. Additionally, without proficiency the weapon loses all special qualities except for reach.
Improvised Weapon (Small)0601d4100%2Heavy Thrown (30ft)-Varies---
Improvised Weapon (Medium)0701d8100%2Heavy Thrown (15ft)-Varies---
Improvised Weapon (Large)0801d8200%2--Varies---

Melee Weapon Features

The following describes the different features of melee weapons and how they can affect your character.

Weapon Speed

Weapon Speed reflects the amount of time it takes to attack and recoil from strikes with a particular weapon (when compared with other weapons) and determines the Recovery Time of your Weapon Attacks. Generally speaking, smaller weapons are faster and larger weapons are slower. You can look up the Weapon Speed of your weapon on the Melee Weapons and Range Weapons tables.


Weapon Precision is a flat bonus added to a characters Weapon Attack that represents the weapon's accuracy.

Weapon Damage

Weapon Damage consists of a die roll and a flat damage bonus. The size of the die roll is determined by the weapon's Damage Dice, with the number of dice rolled determined by the Power utilized to make the attack and the Rank of the creature.

The flat damage consists of either the Strength Power (StrP) or Dexterity Power (DexP), adjusted by the weapon's Damage Multiplier. Just as with Weapon Attack Bonuses, Melee Weapon Damage utilizes Strength Power and Ranged Weapon Damage utilizes Dexterity Power (except for weapons with the Heavy Thrown property, which use Strength Power). Any miscellaneous bonuses are also adjusted by the damage multiplier. Calculate the Weapon Damage Bonus for each weapon using the following equation:

Melee Weapon Damage Bonus = [StrP + Miscellaneous Bonuses] x Weapon Damage Multiplier
Ranged Weapon Damage Bonus = [DexP (StrP for Heavy Thrown weapons) + Miscellaneous Bonuses] x Weapon Damage Multiplier

Armor Negation

Armor Negation (ArN) is a property of weapons and determines the weapon's ability to overcome the protection of armor. Whenever you roll a weapon attack against AC and the result is a Glancing Hit, add the weapon's Armor Negation to the attack roll for purposes of determining a Full Hit. Armor Negation does not adjust the attack roll for a Missed attack. You can look up your weapon's Armor Negation on the Melee Weapons and Range Weapons tables.

Critical Strike

You land a lucky or precise blow, and hit a target in a vulnerable location. This is called a Critical Strike. Whenever you hit with a Weapon Attack, you roll a percentile (also known as a d100) to determine whether or not the hit was a Critical Strike. If your roll is less than or equal to your Critical Strike Chance, you deal additional damage on the attack equal to your Critical Strike Damage. You can calculate your Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage as follows. You can look up the Base Critical Chance and Crit Damage per Rank for your weapon on the Melee Weapon and Range Weapon tables.

Critical Strike Chance = Base Critical Chance + Physical Rank
Critical Strike Damage = Critical Damage per Rank x Physical Rank

Weapon Properties

Weapons can have a variety of special Properties that can affect how they are used and wielded in combat.

Damage Type

Weapons deal one (or two) of four Weapon Damage types: Bludgeoning (B), Chopping (C), Piercing (P), or Slashing (S).

Weapons of Unusual Size

The listed weapons are sized for medium and small creatures. See Weapon Sizes for how weapons of different sizes work.