Piercing Damage

"Huuurrrrk! Found the assassin!"
——Golan, former professional adventurer.

Piercing a surface is achieved by taking an object with a point at its end and driving it straight into a target. Some of the earliest weapons made by mortals, such as spears and arrows, deal piercing damage. Some skilled duelists and rogues also favor piercing weapons like short swords and daggers for their light weight, lethality as well as their concealable nature.

Piercing Injuries

Random Piercing Injuries
Roll 2d6 Moderate Severe Critical Lethal
2 Cracked Vertebrae Damaged Nerve Cluster Damaged Spinal Cord Lobotomized
3 Head Wound Severe Head Wound Skull Fracture Lobotomized
4 Scratched Cornea Eye Wound Ruptured Eye Lobotomized
5 Arm Wound Sliced Bicep Mangled Arm Pierced Heart
6 Flesh Wound Stab Wound Gaping Wound Pierced Heart
7 Deep Cut Nicked Artery Severed Artery Pierced Heart
8 Abdominal Wound Punctured Diaphragm Collapsed Lung Punctured Lung
9 Leg Wound Severed Hamstring Mangled Leg Impaled
10 Wounded Shoulder Ripped Muscles Flayed Muscles Impaled
11 Nicked Larynx Punctured Larynx Sliced Windpipe Sliced Throat
12 Facial Laceration Mutilated Face Disfigured Sliced Throat