Half-Elf Characteristics
Exp Rating: 1
Base Hitpoints: CON/3 + DEX/3
Level Hitpoints: 4 per level
Size: Medium
Attributes: +2 Dex, −2 Con, +2 to any attribute other than DEX
Languages: Common, Elven
Stamina: 2
Resolve: 2
Philosophy Ranks: Rank 1 Mental, Rank 1 Physical, +1 rank in either Mental or Physical
Senses: Low-Light Vision
Points per Level: Gain 6 Skill Points per level.
Favored Skills:
Starting Skill Points:
  • 16 points to be spent in the above Racial Skills. These points cannot be used to raise a skill above Rank 3.skill.
Shift: 5ft, 2 seg
Skirmish: 30ft, 3 segs
Sprint: 50ft, 3 segs
Overland: 3 mph or 30 mi/day
Racial Features
    Human Legacy: +1 to choice of Reflex, Fortitude or Will.
    • Elven Perfect Balance: +2 to Balance and Stealth checks.
    • Sleep and Charm Resistance: Elves receive a racial bonus on saving throws vs. sleep and charm effects equal to twice their Mental Rank [STB 2x[Mental Rank]].
    • Keen Observation: +2 to Awareness to notice concealed doors or compartments.
Cultural Features
    *Bonus Feats: Gain 1 bonus feat at 1st level, 6th level, and at every 5 additional levels (11th, 16th, 21st, etc).
"It appears we are at an impasse, my friend. You do not wish for me to dine at your establishment on account of my elven heritage, and the elves of your nearby forest do not wish for me to hunt on their land due to my human traits. I understand your distrust of others on account of their skin, better than you may realize. However, since I recently purchased these lands from your lord and have been granted all titles and privileges associated with said terrain, I must insist that you serve at least one bastard half-breed this day."
——Schael Haleran, Half-Elf Bard and local Entrepreneur


Half-elves share traits from both their human and elven parents, human traits being somewhat more dominant. Half-elves tend to be a bit taller, thicker of limb, and with more rounded features than a full blooded elf. Half-elf males are also capable of growing facial hair, albeit fairer and smoother than a human's. These traits do little to distinguish them from an ordinary human until one notices their ears, which tend to be pointed and a bit longer like an elf's, only with slightly rounded edges. Their eyes tend to have an almond shape much like an elf's, though a bit wider with smaller pupils much like a humans. Hair can range anywhere from black to pale blond, whereas their eyes tend to be blue or green. On occasion, half-elves are born with brown or golden eyes, indicating which of the races they take after more.

Height: 4ft 8in + 2d8 in

Weight: 130lb + 5d12 + STR + CON

Ecology and History

Half-Elves come from many different walks of life, largely due to the circumstance which created them. Some from nobility, others from slavery, all depending on the nature of their parents when they were born into the world. Some are products of loving unions, others born from far less agreeable circumstances. Half-Elves prefer to frequent culturally diverse areas such as large cities, in most cases, where they are somewhat free from the prejudices of small minds and the judging gaze of a strictly human or elven society. The adventuring life suits half-elves well, as many are loathe to stay in one area for too long in the first place. They tend to be charismatic and well versed in dealing with other cultures, so many favor the Bard, Rogue or Sorcerer classes.

Half-Elves don't typically adhere to a specific style of dress, instead preferring to adopt whatever style appears prominent in the region they are in. Some do like to lean towards clothing that accents whichever of their traits they hold in higher esteem. A half-elf with particularly pointy ears, for example, might get multiple piercings along its length in order to call attention to her elven blood. Many half-elves see this fashion sense as more of a statement of their personal pride rather than just a way to look good.

Humans and Elves often find themselves at odds with Half-Elves, neither one fully trusting the person because of their other half. Half-Elves rarely start out disliking either, but many end up disapproving of one or both over time because of these circumstances. Half-Elves that bury this prejudice, however, tend to get along well with all races, even half-orcs, as the two often understand the trials they have faced as individuals throughout their lives.