BalanceDexterity & Constitution
Active Skill [Check Penalty]
"You know, some things just can't be taught, but if you want to stay alive out there, little halfling, you best learn them anyways."
——--Golthan the Red Club - Thieve's Guild Grandfather

The Balance Skill represents a character's equilibrium and allows him to maintain footing on uneven, moving (such as during an earthquake or landslide), and slippery surfaces (such as oil slicks and ice). Balance can also allow characters to walk across a narrow ledge or tight-rope without falling.

Balance checks are generally made in a defensive capacity. A successful check allows a character to keep its footing, while a failure causes a character to fall Prone (suffering damage if they fall from height). While Balancing, you can move at ½ your Skirmish speed without suffering penalties, but moving faster imposes a penalty to your check. Environmental conditions can also modify your check.

Common Uses of the Balance Skill
  • Walk across a narrow ledge or tight-rope.
  • Maintain footing when faced with moving or slippery terrain.
  • Put on a performance utilizing a balance beam or tight-rope.
Things that Modify Balance Checks
Moderate Wind-4
Move Hastily (full Skirmish)-4
Strong Wind-8

These modifiers are cumulative. For example, moderate wind and moving hastily will impose a -8 penalty to Balance checks.

Example Difficulties for Using the Balance Skill
Wet FloorDF 2DC 10
Narrow Ledge (7-12 inches)DF 3DC 15
Mild EarthquakeDF 3DC 15
Icy or Greased FloorDF 4DC 20
Very Narrow Ledge (2-6 inches)DF 4DC 20
Strong EarthquakeDF 5DC 25
Barest Ledge (less than 2 inches)DF 6DC 30
Tight RopeDF 7DC 35

Powers that Use Balance
Feats that Use Balance
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