You have been knocked off of your feet and are either sitting or lying down. While prone you are subject to the following effects:

  • You grant an Advantage to melee attackers.
  • You have partial cover against ranged attacks.
  • You have Disadvantage on attack rolls.
  • When knocked prone, your Concentration is Disrupted.
  • You reduce the distance of any Forced Movement you are subject to by 5ft.
  • You may crawl on the ground at half your skirmish speed, but may not shift or use other forms of movement (GM's Discretion).
  • A creature (that is not prone) may move into your space without penalty (though it may still provoke an opportunity from your for its movement).

Note: A creature that is not reliant on limbs for locomotion (such as a worm, snake or a creature that hovers or levitates) is knocked out of its usual directional orientation (i.e., on its back or side).

Standing Up

You may Stand Up from prone as part of a Shift (See Movement).