RidingDexterity & Wisdom
Active Skill [Check Penalty]
"Dig your spurs into the sides, she goes fast. Dig em in too much, and she goes too fast, usually without you in the saddle."
——--Barney Blackhand, Renowned Horse Trainer

Riding is the ability to control the movement and actions of a horse or similar mount. Riding a mount allows a character to travel much more quickly across long distances and can give an advantage in combat situations.

Riding checks are generally made in a defensive capacity, as most characters are able ride a horse or similar mount for traveling purposes without making a check. However, checks are required when a mount becomes spooked or you are at risk of falling off. A successful check allows a character to keep control of their mount, to maneuver the mount over hazardous terrain, and prevents them from being thrown off. Ride checks can also be made to force a mount to jump over obstacles or move through an area it attempts to avoid.

Characters with training in the Riding skill are eligible to take the Mounted Combatant talent.

Common Uses of the Riding Skill
  • Keep control of your mount in dangerous situations.
  • Prevent yourself from being thrown off.
  • Force mount to act in a certain way, such as jumping an obstacle.
Example Difficulties for Using the Riding Skill
Stay in saddle when mount is spookedDF 3DC 15
Dismount quickly without fallingDF 3DC 15
Guide mount with kneesDF 4DC 20
Spur mount to move fasterDF 4DC 20
Force mount towards object or location its avoidingDF 4DC 20
Guide mount hastily through difficult terrainDF 5DC 25
Jump Mount over obstaclesDF 6DC 30
Control untrained mountDF 8DC 40
Powers that Use Riding
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Feats that Use Riding
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