Academics Skill

Academics SkillIntelligence & Wisdom
Academics Skill
"You can study, study, and study or get the ruler across the knuckles. Your choice."
——Old Schoolmarm

Academics Skills represent a character's basic knowledge and his ability to recall facts about a specific subject. Academics skills can be extremely varied and can encompass just about any subject of interest to your character. Common academics skills are listed below, but a character may choose to specialize in any area of knowledge appropriate to the setting. Academics skills can be broad, such as Monster Lore and History, or specific, such as Draconic Lore and Elven History. When utilizing a more specific Academics Skill, the Difficulty of the task is reduced by 1 or more. You may choose to take the Academics Skill multiple times, each time training in a different area of knowledge.

Common Academics Skills
Monster LorePlanesLiteratureReligion
Sage Knowledge
Common Uses of the Academics Skill
  • Recall knowledge on a specific topic
  • Use your character's knowledge to assist in story and roleplay decisions
Common Difficulties for Academics Skills
Very Common KnowledgeDF 2DC 10
Common KnowledgeDF 3DC 15
Uncommon KnowledgeDF 4DC 20
Rare KnowledgeDF 6DC 30
Very Rare KnowledgeDF 7DC 35
Extremely Secret KnowledgeDF 9DC 45