AloofnessIntelligence & Charisma
Social Skill [Defensive]
"What was that? Oh I heard you, at first I just thought it was the droning of a thousand whiney bees screaming out for attention"
——--Gallesta Bruneheil, Aristocrat

Aloofness represents someone’s disinterest and detachment from social people and environments. Someone with a high Aloofness is less likely to be affected by charming individuals, and as such it serves as a defense against the Charm skill and prevents increases in the Fondness Disposition. Since Aloof people do not easily become attached to people, they are less likely to Trust or Doubt others, allowing Aloofness to serve as a substitute for Suspicion or Intuition.

Common Uses of the Aloofness Skill
Powers that Use Aloofness
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Feats that Use Aloofness
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