IntuitionIntelligence & Wisdom
Social Skill [Defensive]
"Newly married, you say? How long did you say you've known this girl? She looks a little too young for you, friend."
——--Loras Colmin, Royal Investigator

Intuition represents the ability to empathize with people and get a sense of other's motives. Highly intuitive people can more easily read others and are therefore more resistant to Deception. Determining other's motives prevents increase in the Doubt Disposition and makes a person less resistant to charm, allowing it to substitute for Aloofness. Empathy makes it hard to truly Hate others, allowing Intuition to serve as a substitute for Tolerance.

Common Uses of the Tolerance Skill
  • Defend against the Deception skill.
  • Use Analyze Opponent to determine an NPCs disposition towards you.
  • Use Defense Substitute to utilize Intuition in place of Aloofness or Tolerance.
Powers that Use Intuition
Feats that Use Intuition
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