ManipulationIntelligence & Charisma
Social Skill [Offensive]
"Well, go ahead, my Lord. You are always telling our Lady of your strength and prowess in battle, and now there is an Ogre standing right outside our carriage. Nothing would be more likely to win her affections then you besting the stupid beast in a fight....."
——--Louise Grenaldo, Passive Aggressive Butler

Manipulation consists of taunts, insults, pushing buttons, and goading. It can be used to increase someone’s Hate for you (see Influence), infuriate someone to act in a certain way (see Convince), or taunt someone into attacking you. Manipulation is aligned with the Hate Disposition and opposed by the Fondness and Trust Dispositions.

Common Uses of the Manipulation Skill
  • Increase a creature's Hate Disposition
  • Cause a creature to act in a certain way, fueled by their hatred
  • Taunt a creature into attacking you during combat
Dispositions that Modify Manipulate Checks
Hate+5 per Rank
Fondness-5 per Rank
Trust-5 per Rank
Powers that Use Manipulation
Feats that Use Manipulation