Swing the Tide

Swing the Tide
Basic Mental Method [Innate]
Prerequisites: Mental Rank 1, Persuasion Rank 2 or Manipulation Rank 2 or Charm Rank 2
Focus Action [FT 7, REC 3]
Cost: 4 Resolve
Effect: Recognizing that your comrades could use a bit of confidence in the heat of battle, you swing the Tide of Battle in your favor by inspiring them. Shift the Tide of Battle one step in your favor, to a maximum of +1.
Augment, Greater Swing
[Mental Rank 3, Stacking]
Stacking [Mental Rank 3, 5, 7, etc.]: This augment may be applied multiple times and is limited by your Mental Rank.
Effect: Increase the maximum that the Tide of Battle may be shifted in your favor by 1. Each time you apply this augment the maximum is increased by an additional 1 (i.e. a Max of +2, then +3, etc). This augment has no effect on the amount the Tide of Battle is shifted.