CoercionStrength & Charisma
Social Skill [Offensive]
"I broke a thousand bodies before I found my way to you, young one. What makes you think you will be any different?"
——--Rorgan, Barbarian Manslayer

Coercion consists of threats, anger, imposition, and emotional force. It can be used to increase someone’s Fear of you (see Influence), force them into giving you information or performing a task (see Convince), and demoralize a creature in combat. Coercion is aligned with the Fear Disposition and opposed by the Fondness and Doubt Dispositions.

Common Uses of the Coercion Skill
  • Increase a creature's Fear Disposition
  • Force a creature to perform a task or act in a certain way, fueled by their fear.
  • Use Demoralize to deal morale damage to foes in combat.
Dispositions that Modify Coercion Checks
Fear+5 per Rank
Fondness-5 per Rank
Doubt-5 per Rank