Slashing Damage

"Hahaha! Look at that stupid elf! Looks more like a dancer than a fighter, what's he gonna do, get me dizz-HUAAAK!"
——Grolder Borgnign, human thug criticizing an Elven Weapon Master in the heat of battle.

Slashing occurs when a sharp edge is brought across a weaker surface while being pushed against it. There are many animals and weapons that are capable of doing slashing damage, which is best used against a lightly armored target, as most heavier armor is specifically designed to deflect the blows of slashing attacks. Long swords, Scimitars, Axes and even small Razors are all of the slashing type.

Slashing Injuries

Random Slashing Injuries
Roll 2d6 Moderate Severe Critical Lethal
2 Scratched Cornea Eye Wound Ruptured Eye Cleaved Skull
3 Facial Laceration Mutilated Face Disfigured Cleaved Skull
4 Head Wound Severe Head Wound Skull Fracture Cleaved Skull
5 Deep Cut Nicked Artery Severed Artery Sliced Throat
6 Arm Wound Sliced Bicep Severed Arm Pierced Heart
7 Flesh Wound Stab Wound Gaping Wound Pierced Heart
8 Abdominal Wound Punctured Diaphragm Cleaved Ribs Punctured Lung
9 Leg Wound Severed Hamstring Severed Leg Drawn Open
10 Wounded Shoulder Ripped Muscles Flayed Muscles Drawn Open
11 Cracked Vertebrae Sliced Nerve Cleaved Spine Bisected
12 Nicked Larynx Pierced Windpipe Cleaved Larynx Decapitation