Chopping Damage

"Hahaha! Did you see that?! Came right the hell off! Didn't never see it comin!"
——Gorsko Shuktooth, orc mercenary

Chopping has been a favored method of destroying other living creatures since humanoids first invented tools. This is most often done by a sharp, long metal surface, such as the blade of an axe, cutting deeply into a target. While not particularly effective against armored targets, it works wonderfully against exposed flesh.

Chopping Injuries

Random Chopping Injuries
Roll 2d6 Moderate Severe Critical Lethal
2 Head Wound Severe Head Wound Skull Fracture Cleaved Skull
3 Torn Muscles Ripped Muscles Broken Back Bisected
4 Bruised Diaphragm Whiplash Crushed Kidney Crushed Sternum
5 Bruised Ribs Cracked Rib Broken Ribs Punctured Lung
6 Deep Cut Nicked Artery Severed Artery Sliced Throat
7 Flesh Wound Flayed Skin Gaping Wound Drawn Open
8 Leg Wound Broken Leg Severed Leg Drawn Open
9 Arm Wound Broken Arm Severed Arm Crushed Sternum
10 Facial Laceration Mutilated Face Disfigured Cleaved Skull
11 Abdominal Wound Adrenal Damage Bruised Heart Punctured Lung
12 Nerve Contusion Sliced Nerve Broken Neck Decapitation