Melee Basic Attack

Melee Basic Attack
Basic Physical Maneuver [Innate, Charge, Lunge, Opportunity]
Prerequisites: Physical Rank 1
Standard Action [REC Weapon Speed]
Effect: Either unarmed or with a weapon, you attempt to harm your enemy with a forceful swing. Make an attack:
Range: Melee
Target: One creature within Range
Attack: Melee Weapon vs. AC
Hit: Weapon[1 WD] damage
Special: On a Helpless opponent a Coup de Grace can be performed (provoking an opportunity as normal).
Augment, Wide Swing
[Physical Rank 2]
Effect: You may now target two creatures within reach, instead of one. When you do, each attack deals half damage. This augment cannot be used with Coup de Grace.
Augment, Greater Melee Basic Attack
[Physical Rank 5, Stacking]
Stacking [rank 5, 8, 11, etc]: This augment may be applied multiple times and is limited by your Physical or Martial Rank.
Effect: Increase the damage dealt by 1 WD.