Animal Care

Animal CareWisdom & Charisma
Trade Skill
"No one's ever been able to even approach Blackmane for long, let alone ride her! That kid is something special!"
——Cleese Ronals, Horse Broker

Animal Care represents the ability to work with, train, and care for animals. This includes the ability to identify natural animals. Animal Care Lore can determine if an animal could be trained, includes knowledge of techniques for training animals, and determines a creatures needs (food, shelter, etc).

Common Uses of the Animal Care Skill
  • Handle and train animals as mounts or for labor.
  • Teach an animal to perform a trick.
  • Domesticate a wild or exotic animal.
  • Identify natural animals and their needs (food, shelter, etc).
Example Difficulties for Animal Care
Care for domestic animalDF 1DC 5
Teach a domestic animal a trickDF 3DC 15
Use a domestic animal for laborDF 3DC 15
Train a common mountDF 5DC 25
Care for a wild or exotic animalDF 5DC 25
Train a common mount for combatDF 6DC 30
Domesticate a wild or exotic animalDF 6DC 30
Train an exotic mountDF 7DC 35
Train an exotic mount for combatDF 8DC 40
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