JumpStrength & Dexterity
Active Skill [Check Penalty]
"Ha Ha! He's heading for the ravine! That gold is as good as ours! Now as soon as he stops I want you...too..........That crazy son of a Lich!"
——--Lorkest Rauvan, Career Criminal

Jump allows a character to leap horizontally or vertically through the air, over or past hazards and obstacles. When a character attempts to jump horizontally past or over obstacles, he makes a long jump (the height achieved during a long jump is equal to ¼ and is reached at the midpoint of the jump). When a character attempts to jump vertically, to reach a particular height, he makes a high jump. Running before a jump can increase the distance jumped (see Running Jump).

Common Uses of the Jump Skill
  • To jump past or over obstacles.
  • To grab or attack something above your reach.
Things that Modify Jump Checks
Jumping from soft or squishy ground-5
High wind (opposing direction of jump)-5 or more
High wind (aiding direction of jump)+5 or more
Jumping out of water or similar liquid-10
Powers that Use Jump
Feats that Use Jump
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