FishingDexterity & Wisdom
Trade Skill
"Best job in the world, really. You just gotta sit here peacfully, and the fish do all the work for you!"
——Ronald McGowin, Angler

Fishing is the ability to capture fish, crustaceans and other aquatic creatures for food. It involves knowledge of different types of aquatic animals and fishing methods, including spear, rod and reel, net, and trap. The fishing skill also includes knowledge of the value of fished goods and the best market for a particular good. Fishing lore allows a character to determine the types of catch found in different areas based on climate and environment, identify the best method and lures for a particular area or catch, and the ability to locate ideal fishing spots.

Common Uses of the Fishing Skill
  • Catch your own food
  • Know the market value of fished goods
  • Identify aquatic creatures
  • Locate ideal fishing location
Common DCs for the Fishing Skill
Fish for food to feed yourself for 1 day. For every 2 points
you exceed the DC, increase the number of days food you can
obtain by 1 or the number of people you can feed by 1.
DF 2DC 10
Create a Fishing poleDF 3DC 15
Determine fair price for fished goodsDF 4DC 20
Identify a common fish or aquatic animalDF 4DC 20
Catch enough fish to sell at market for profitDF 4DC 20
Identify uncommon fish or aquatic animalDF 5DC 25
Identify appropriate fishing method or typical catch for environmentDF 5DC 25
Skin an aquatic animal for its hide (ex. seal)DF 6DC 30
Identify exotic fish or aquatic animalDF 7DC 35