You are sent reeling for a few moments, barely able to defend yourself and unable to act. You are subject to the following effects:

  • Your Concentration is disrupted (if you are casting at the time you become stunned, you must wait the full duration of the stun effect plus 1 additional segment due to the disruption).
  • Your current recovery time is increased by a number of segments as indicated by the effect.
  • You grant an Advantage to all opponents until your next turn.
  • You may take no actions (except free actions) until your next turn.
  • You do not Threaten until your next turn.
  • Stun supersedes any Delay or Daze effects.
  • Multiple Delay, Daze or Stun effects do not stack, only the most disadvantageous and longest effect is used.

Note: The duration of a Stun effect can be reduced by Daze Resistance.


Your current recovery time puts your next action in segment 3, but you are Dazed [5], which increases your currently recovery time by 5 segments and makes your next action in segment 8. A few segments later (before your next turn) you are Stunned [7]. Since Stun and Daze effects do not stack, your recovery is only increased by 2 additional segments (putting your next turn in segment 10). Stun is stronger than Daze, and you now count as Stunned instead of Dazed until your next turn in segment 10.

Simple Monsters

Each 2 segments of Stun equates to a 1 Action Point reduction to the monster's next turn.

Mob Monsters

The monster is rendered Unconscious for 1 phase.