ListenIntelligence & Wisdom
Sensory Skill
"Ugh! That speech was nightmarish! It just went on an on and's like he needed to describe every leaf in the whole forest! I tried to tune him out but I couldn't! Curse these beautiful, elegant, flawless ears of mine!"
——--Shayla Brightwind, Wood Elf

The Listen Skill represents a character's ability to use his auditory sense to listen for sounds in the area around him or through an obstacle (such as a door). Listen can also be used to determine the location of a hidden creature, by depicting the footfalls or small noises made by the opposing creature. Listen checks can alert you to danger or curiosities in your environment before you can see them, such as hearing voices beyond a door or rushing water from around a corner.

In additional its active uses, your Skill Rank in Listen adds to your Awareness score.

Common Uses of the Listen Skill
  • Use Locate Danger to listen for the movement of enemies around a corner or talking through a door.
  • Use Locate Hidden Opponent to listen for creatures who are Hidden from you or who have Concealment.
Things that Modify Listen Checks
Each 10ft of distance from opponent or object
(for opponents, does not overlap with distance bonus to Stealth)
Through a Door-5
Noisy Environment-5
Through a Stone Wall-10
Examples Difficulties for Listen Skill
A BattleDF 1DC 5
TalkingDF 2DC 10
Movement, Heavy ArmorDF 2DC 10
Movement, Medium ArmorDF 3DC 15
Movement, Light ArmorDF 4DC 20
WhisperingDF 4DC 20

Movement DCs apply to creatures who are not utilizing Stealth. If your opponent is utilizing Stealth, your Listen check is made versus your opponent's Stealth check. When creatures are speaking, if you beat the Listen DC by 10 or more, you are able to determine what is being said if you speak their language.

Powers that Use Listen
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Feats that Use Listen