SpotIntelligence & Wisdom
Sensory Skill
"Eyes like a Hawk, I tell ya! It's either that, or he's just always lucky!"
——--Galvin, High Ranger

The Spot Skill represents a character's ability to actively use his visual sense to notice movement or oddities in his environment. Spot can also be used to determine the location of a hidden creature, by noticing minute movement or disturbances. Spot checks can alert you to danger at a distance and allows you to notice things that are out of place.

In additional to its active uses, your Skill Rank in Spot adds to your Awareness score.

Common Uses of the Listen Skill
  • Use Locate Danger to spot dangers from a distance, such as other creatures or traps.
  • Use Locate Hidden Opponent to spot for creatures who are Hidden from you.
  • Survey an area for things that look suspicious or out of place.
Things that Modify Spot Checks
Each 10ft of distance from opponent or object
(for opponents, does not overlap with distance bonus to Stealth)
Dim Lighting-5
Examples Difficulties for Listen Skill
Unobstructed movement in peripheryDF 2DC 10
Disturbance in dusty floorDF 4DC 20
Movement in thick forestDF 4DC 20
Out of place or recently disturbed objectDF 5DC 25
Drips of blood on stone floorDF 6DC 30
Powers that Use Spot
Feats that Use Spot