CookingWisdom & Charisma
Trade Skill
"Remember, always make too much! Leftovers are the best part!"
——Margaret Thurgold, House Cook

Cooking is the art of inventing, preparing, and creating different foods. Skilled cooks are able to create flavorful meals, and also have a working knowledge of which potential foods items are actually edible and which are toxic. Cooking lore gives a character knowledge of how flavors combine, understanding of styles and types of cuisine, and knowledge of edible plants and animals.

Common Uses of the Cooking Skill
  • Cook extravagant meals for yourself or others
  • Identify edible plants and animals
  • Understand how different flavors combine to make a tasty dish
  • Identify exotic ingredients, cooking styles, and cuisine
Example Difficulties for Cooking
Cook a basic mealDF 1DC 5
Cook on a large scale (10s of people)DF 3DC 15
Cook an elaborate meal or feastDF 4DC 20
Cook on a huge scale (100s of people)DF 4DC 20
Identify common edible (and toxic) plants and animalsDF 4DC 20
Identify uncommon edible (and toxic) plans and animalsDF 6DC 30
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