ClimbStrength & Constitution
Active Skill [Check Penalty]
"Why.....does every top....of a damned mountain?!"
——--Malik The Fine, Adventuring Rogue

The Climb Skill determines a character's ability to propel himself up or down a slope, object, or vertical surface. Additionally, if a character is Pushed off an edge or falls, the Climb skill allows him to catch himself on the edge (or on the way down). Adept climbers can assist others by setting ropes for others to use.

Common Uses of the Climb Skill
  • Use Climb Surface to move up ropes, walls, or similarly vertical surfaces.
  • Use Grab Ledge to prevent yourself from being pushed off a ledge.
  • Use Catch Self to catch yourself while falling adjacent to a climbable surface or object.
  • Set Ropes to help others climb a surface.
Things that Modify Climb Checks
Slippery Surface (wet or icy)-5
Two perpendicular surfaces to climb (ex. corner of room)+5
Two parallel surfaces to brace against (ex. chimney)+10
Use of Climbing EquipmentVaries
Examples Difficulties for Climb Surface
Knotted rope against WallDF 1DC 5
Free-standing knotted RopeDF 2DC 10
Unknotted Rope against wallDF 2DC 10
Free-standing unknotted ropeDF 3DC 15
Rough stone walls, large holdsDF 4DC 20
Rough stone walls, small holdsDF 5DC 25
Smooth WallDF 6DC 30
Ceiling Overhang, with holdsDF 7DC 35

Suffering Damage While Climbing

If you suffer damage while Climbing and the damage exceeds your Healing Value, you must make a Climb Check [DC 15] or you lose your grip and Fall.

Powers that Use Climb
Feats that Use Climb