Savage Techniques

Life in the savage wilds is harsh, chaotic and unforgiving. It is no small wonder, then, that this discipline belongs to the people who willingly brave these environs, sometimes referred to as Barbarians. A combatant with the Savage Discipline is less a trained fighter, and more of a primal warrior who has learned the best methods for dismembering and devastating his enemies through instinct, strength and anger. The abilities one learns battling scarcity, ruthless predators, violent weather and lethal natural traps cannot be taught. They can only be learned through experience and an almost inhuman desire for supremacy. While enraged, a Barbarian gains extraordinary resilience and power, their memories of the brutal lessons they have learned spurring them on to acts of destruction that terrify and amaze more civilized spectators. A Barbarian focused in the Savage Discipline learns how to channel his Fury built up from raging into powerful strikes that can brutalize enemies, simultaneously critically injuring them and laying them low, making recovery and defense highly unlikely before the Barbarian's next assault. An exceptionally violent Barbarian can even use his Barbaric Rage to intimidate and demoralize opponent's simply by them bearing witness to his actions, understanding all too late that soon, they will be the next to die.

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