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Trade Skill
"Don't worry about Ol' Gerald, he can head out there for weeks with just a knife, and he always comes back fatter than when he left!"
——Harold, Local Tradesman

Hunting is the ability to capture wild land animals and birds for food. It involves knowledge of different types of game and hunting methods, including trapping and shooting (or spearing). Hunters can also skin animals for their fur or hide and similar animal products. The Hunting skill includes knowledge of the value of game meat and animal products and the best market for a particular good. Hunters are also able to track down and eliminate predatory animals. Hunting lore allows a character to determine the types of game that can be found in an area based on climate and environment, identify the best method for catching a particular animal, and the ability to locate the best hunting spots.

Common Uses of the Hunting Skill
  • Hunt animals for food
  • Know the market value of game meat and animal products
  • Identify game animals
  • Eliminate predatory animals
  • Locate ideal hunting spots
Example DCs for Hunting
Hunt for food to feed yourself for 1 day. For every 2 points
you exceed the DC, increase the number of days food you can
obtain by 1 or the number of people you can feed by 1.
DF 2DC 10
Identify common game animalDF 3DC 15
Create a snare trapDF 3DC 15
Follow animal tracks and signs to find fresh water.DF 4DC 20
Skin a common animal (for fur or hide)DF 4DC 20
Identify uncommon game animalDF 4DC 20
Identify appropriate hunting method or typical game for environmentDF 4DC 20
Skin an animal to create a usable hideDF 5DC 25
Identify animal tracksDF 6DC 30
Skin uncommon animal (for fur or hide)DF 6DC 30
Common Modifiers for the Hunting Skill
Lush environment (such as forest, jungle, etc)+4
Sparse environment (such as desert, mud flat, arctic, etc)-4
Powers that Use Hunting
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Feats that Use Hunting