EngineeringIntelligence & Wisdom
Trade Skill
"It really isn't that hard, just attach the rope to the shaft. The weight on the opposite end will counerbalance the smaller weight because of the length of the rope on the forward end angled against the ...why are you looking at me like that?"
——Laren Cudgelworth, Castle Engineer

Engineering is the understanding of architecture and structural design. Engineers can create plans for and build new structures, as well as evaluate, improve, and repair existing structures. Engineering can be useful in assessing the integrity of structures and locating weaknesses (or strengths). Some engineers can build complex mechanical devices, such as clockwork mechanisms and aqueducts. Engineering lore allows a character to recognize the work of prominent architects and engineers.

Common Uses of the Engineering Skill
  • Determine the purpose of a device or structure
  • Evaluate the integrity of a structure
  • Repair a device or structure
  • Create new devices or structures
Example DCs for Engineering
Identify the purpose of a common structure or deviceDF 1DC 5
Identify the purpose of an uncommon structure or deviceDF 3DC 15
Determine if a structure is stable and/or safeDF 4DC 20
Repair a common structure or simple deviceDF 4DC 20
Repair an uncommon structureDF 5DC 25
Design and create a new structureDF 6DC 30
Repair a complex deviceDF 7DC 35
Design and create a complex deviceDF 8DC 40