MercantileWisdom & Charisma
Trade Skill
"What? What's with that look? I'm telling you it's the real thing!"
——Malesto, Professional Con Artist

The Mercantile skill encompasses everything and anything that has to do with business of selling or trading items. Though negotiating is often achieved through the use of social skills, the Mercantile skill allows a character to appraise goods and determine ways to increase their market value. For example, uncut gems may be more valuable if taken to a Jeweler for cutting and setting first. Mercantile lore includes knowledge of rules and customs for merchant's guilds and money lenders, knowledge of famous or highly sought after goods or craftsman, knowledge of the best markets for a particular good, and an understanding of origin, supply and demand, and rarity of a particular good.

Common Uses of the Mercantile Skill
  • Appraise goods and determine ways to increase value
  • Sell and trade goods for profit
  • Determine the best market to sell or purchase a particular good
Example DCs for Appraise Item
Common ItemDF 3DC 15
Uncommon ItemDF 4DC 20
Rare ItemDF 6DC 30
Very Rare Item or Magic Item (some knowledge
of the magic enchantment required)
DF 8DC 40
Powers that Use Mercantile
Feats that Use Mercantile
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